What is Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease?

This medicine is helpful in maintaining liver health in your cat. It also maintains the health of your cat while using drugs or during chemotherapy. This medicine will help the body to regenerate damaged liver cells.

What are the ingredients of Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease?

The main ingredient of the medicine is Milk Thistle seed or Silybum marianum which is certified organic.

The inactive ingredients are deionized water, vegetable glycerine and a natural bacon flavour.

Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease

Why use Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease?

This seed is a natural supplement which is best known for its ability in relieving liver diseases in cats, dogs and also humans.

The active components in Milk Thistle are called silymarins. These help to cleanse the body of free radicals, stabilize the liver membranes, help in liver recovery and prevent toxins from binding to the liver. Milk Thistle also aids the production of new liver cells in cats, which will then replace the damaged cells. As anti-oxidants, this substance is even more effective than Vitamin E. this medicine will support the cat body during use of antibiotics, corticosteroids, chemotherapy drugs and also conventional heart worm medication. Liver diseases are quite common in cats and they have to be disorganized by vets. They can even be life threatening and cause a lot of damage to the body if liver health is not well maintained.

Liver disease symptoms vary depending on the cause and type of liver disease. Some of the common symptoms include: there are several symptoms of liver diseases that depend on the cause and type of disease. Most common symptoms of the disease are a loss of appetite, loss of body mass, yellowing of skin and the eyes, increased lethargy, nausea, vomiting, a case of bad breath, even seizures, diarrhoea, water intake increases gradually and urination becomes more frequent with it.

If you really want to protect your cat from fatal liver illnesses, you have to be on a watch out for these symptoms. When you use this medicine, you will notice absolutely no side effects as the ingredients are completely natural.

Why choose Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease over other herbal medicines.

The herbal medicine Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease is prepared in such a way that the full biochemical spectra of the plants are preserved in every bottle of the medicine. This is what you would want if you want the herbs to come in their purest forms in your medicine bottle. The herbs used are organically grown and ethically harvested to prevent any plants from being endangered by the manufacture of this product. Also, all the batches that come out of the facilities are tested for quality so that only the best reach your homes and your pets.

Is it a certified medicine?

The Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease is manufactured using the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices. These are very strict and nationally followed for ethically manufactured products in the US. The laboratories used to make the medicine are registered under the FDA and the ingredients used, the equipment’s used to make them and the methods are all approved by the FDA. The company also follows the good guidance’s of GVM for pet dietary supplements. In addition to these guarantees of quality, there is also a 90 day return policy so that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund of your money.

Directions to follow when using Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease:

This medicine has to be administered orally and this has to be done two times every day. The dosage is as per the body weight of your cat. Up to 50 pounds, 1 drop per 2 pounds of body weight has to be given. Over 50 pounds of weight, add one drop per 4 pounds or 2 kg of weight. This medicine does not have to be refrigerated. Shake the bottle of medicine well before use. The tonic is enhanced with a natural bacon flavour so that your cats will have no trouble taking it! Just pour the drops over their food and they will not refuse it any way!

What caution should be followed when taking Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease?

It is advised by every vet that you keep the environment around your pets clean as they can easily pick up germs. A good, clean bath at frequent intervals of time will keep them clean mostly and cats tend to groom themselves regularly, too. The food that they eat must contain the necessary nutrients for their body growth and immunity. The water they drink must be clean and germ free. They should also get a lot of good exercise so that a good circulation is promoted in the body. This will take the nutrients to various parts of the body and also help to excrete waste regularly.

Before starting the use of Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease, it is good to consult with a vet to know if your cat could have any allergies and if you notice any worsening of the situation, you must take him or her to the vet.

Who manufactures Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease?

The Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease is manufactured by Pet Wellbeing.com who has been making herbal medicines for pets since 2001. They have an efficient team of holistic vets who have gone out of their way to bring the best medicines for your pets. They have studied their diseases and have gone for ingredients that will not cause any negative effects in your animals. These are herbal medicines which have been used for centuries around the world and they have combined this with new technology to bring home medicines that are of the highest quality possible. They are also easy to administer to your pets.