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“Can Lung Gold for Cats used during pregnancy or breeding in cats? Are there any side effects associated with long-term usage? What is the recommended dosage levels? Search for these queries and read on to know how it works…”

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Malaseb Flush is a product for cats which are high in antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also effective in dogs and horses and the same purpose is served. The presence of multifunctional surfactants is effective for treating:

Benefits Of Malaseb Flush

  • Skin abrasions – Abrasions on the skin is a common problem for cats that are caused by scratching, scraping, fighting, dragging on the ground, jumping fences or chewing an area by itself. These injuries, bruises, and wounds can be effectively treated by the Malaseb Flush. Even the problems of bleeding and infections are effectively taken care of.
  • Hotspots – Hotspots are an acute case of moist dermatitis faced by the cats which sometimes causes severe pain in them. You will know your cat is suffering from hotspots when it starts licking or biting itself on its own body. The Malaseb Flush provides relief to all these problems faced by the cats.
  • Minor lacerations – Lacerations occurs when the body tissue of the cat is torn. It is more like a wound. One of the reasons of lacerations is because of the underlying soft tissues and structures present in them. The presence of dirt or bacteria on the skin and minor traumas are some of the reasons for the development of lacerations on the skin of the cat. There are major forms of lacerations and minor ones too. The Malaseb Flush can be used for treating the minor lacerations.

Malaseb Flush – Active Ingredient

The Malaseb Flush Formula is mix is a non-irritating formula which is based on water. It also has a base of 0.174% of miconazole which are a part of this formula. There are mainly two active ingredients included in the product formula mix:

  • Miconazole Nitrate – This ingredient is used in a number of medication for treating skin disorders and all the dermal conditions faced by the cats. It can treat athlete’s foot, itchiness, ringworm disease and all the other forms of fungal skin disorders and infections faced by the cat. The Malaseb Flush formula contains 0.2% of the Miconazole Nitrate.
  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate – This ingredient is an effective antiseptic that is widely used in many medications for fighting and preventing the attacks from bacteria. It is also good for cleansing the skin and making it healthy. When a cat undergoes a surgery or has wounds, bruises or injuries, it is this medication that is commonly provided to them. The Malaseb Flush formula contains 0.2% of the Chlorhexidine Gluconate.

The dosage levels of Malaseb Flush should be strictly followed to get the required benefits.

The Malaseb Flush is available in two more variations:

  • Malaseb Flush 4 oz
  • Malaseb Flush 12 oz

You can purchase the one suitable for the dosage level mentioned by the vet. It various according to the intensity of the condition faced by the cat. The requirements are also taken into consideration.

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