Lung Gold is a composition of herbs and vitamin C which helps to maintain the lower respiratory tract in a strong condition and fight against infections. This product mainly concentrates on the lower respiratory tract and for the upper respiratory tract, there is another product called as throat gold. But for the time being in this section, we will be discussing lung gold for cats and its uses.

Lung Gold was developed by holistic expert veterinarians to help the cats to overcome problems which are caused by destructive microorganisms like bacteria, virus, and fungi. This product helps to develop an innate resistance power towards such infections and also protects the lungs by providing increased oxygenation to its deeper tissues. It also helps to sustain open airways without any blockages in the respiratory tract.

Lung Gold for cat lung infections & easy breathing

Uses of Lung Gold for Cats

The respiratory tract is divided into two areas the upper and the lower system. Lung gold for cats targets the lower respiratory system when an inflammation occurs in the bronchi and bronchioles.

Various conditions that can occur in the lower respiratory tract are:

  • Infections that can be caused by microbes like virus, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Allergies caused due to environmental factors, smoking by owners and diet
  • Infections from parasites like heartworms and lungworms

In all these cases the alveoli of the lungs are put into trouble as they do not get adequate ventilation. This inadequacy causes gas exchange very difficult. Alveoli are small hollow sacs that help to release carbon dioxide and intake oxygen. This oxygen is then passed through the whole body by the help of blood. So when a blockage occurs due to infection, alveoli functioning will also be harmed. So to get relief from such cases, Lung Gold for cats can be of more help.

Lung Gold helps to support the lungs and provide strong immunity as it contains highly effective herbs in its formulation. Whatever may be the cause whether allergic or parasitic this product helps to maintain normal dilation inside the lungs to keep up normal airways.

Ingredients used in Pet Wellbeing Lung Gold for Cats

  • Marshmallow root: This plant has a genus name called Althae and it means “to heal” in Greek. This plant includes mucilage content in large quantities and due to this, it is used to soothe mucous membranes of the lungs, digestive system and the urinary tract. Marshmallow herb is used to treat lung infections and respiratory problems. It’s a known as a good medicine for dry coughs.
  • Olive leaf: Olive tree has its own defense mechanism to fight against diseases and parasitic infections and this was found during the late 1960’s. It contains a compound that helps to achieve such ailment resistant properties and stand against odds. This unique compound present in the olive leaf is used to treat and support the immune system functions in both animals and humans equally. It has special properties which help to fight against microbes and disease-causing agents.
  • Usnea thallus: this herb is also called as Old man’s beard and its main function is to boost immunity power. It protects the lungs and throat from infections caused by virus and bacteria.
  • Pleurisy root: this herb has been used for treating infections like bronchitis, influenza, pleurisy, and pneumonia. It promotes lung health and provides relief from respiratory functions. This herb also stimulates the functioning of mucous membranes making it as a good expectorant.
  • Chinese Skullcap root: Skullcap herb is known to have the capability to calm the nervous system as well as help in their normal functioning. It also helps to support the lungs and increase oxygenation supply.
  • Coptis root: This herb is similar to goldenseal as both the herbs contain the content berberine. Coptis root is effective to fight against inflammation and microbes. It helps to get over with dry secretions produced by the lungs.
  • Jujube fruit: It is a powerful lung tonic which is added to lung gold for cats to enhance the healing power. Jujube helps improve strength and power. It also helps to maintain stamina and promotes healthy immune system functioning. It also imparts a special flavor so it is added to most of the formulations.
  • Osha root: this herb is used traditionally around North America to treat respiratory infections caused by bacteria, virus, and fungus. It also helps to limit excess mucous production and increase the supply of oxygen to the lungs. This exotic herb is used to treat common cold, cough, throat inflammation and tonsillitis.
  • Fresh Grindelia flower: this herb helps to treat lung infections and is an excellent expectorant. It helps to reduce inflammation, irritation and cough problems.

Other ingredients added are ascorbic acid and inactive components like Deionized water, bacon flavor and vegetable glycerin.

Certain tips to keep your pet safe from respiratory illness

Respiratory illness is a very serious issue so you need to take care of your pet to overcome this problem by providing proper guidance from an expert vet as well as undertake certain measures to make your pet healthy.

Environmental factors cannot be controlled fully but to a certain extent, you can maintain hygienic conditions by avoiding cigarette smoke when your pet is around. Car exhaust can also worsen your pets existing lung problems. So make sure to keep your pet away from such pollutants. If the pet is already having the respiratory illness then maintain clean air inside your house and provide proper ventilation. If respiratory ailments are not taken care of properly, then it can lead to severe problems like loss of appetite, high white blood cell count and pneumonia.

Highlights of Lung Gold for cats

This product is manufactured by which was founded in 2001 and their main goal is to bring wisdom and expert solutions to your pets. intends to keep you happy by keeping your pet happy. To achieve this goal their staffs and veteran doctors have formulated many herbal remedies which have proven to be effective solutions to almost all problems faced by the pets.

  • All herbs are grown in organic conditions and are ethically wild harvested. Those herbs which are rare and seen only in certain parts of the world are imported selectively after ensuring the highest quality.
  • The manufacturing practices followed are in adherence to GMP certification
  • When herbs are extracted they make sure to maintain its full potency along with maintaining its quality.
  • Each consignment goes out of the facility only after thorough checking and quality inspection.
  • The manufacturing is done under an FDA registered facility with strict rules and standards.
  • Lung gold for cats is manufactured with respect to provisions put forward by CVM’s good guidance practices.
  • They maintain high standards and quality that they have offered this product along with a 90-day cash back feature in case of dissatisfaction.

Precautions that are to be taken

Lung Gold for cats should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. When respiratory illness does not subside or decrease even after using the product then better stop using it and consult a vet expert. While using this lung gold, absorption of other drugs might become delayed. It is only intended for cats and not for any other pet animals. Keep this product away from kids and sunlight. It does not require any refrigeration. Make sure you do not use this drug along with hypotensive drugs or before anesthesia.

Dosage: Lung Gold for cats should be taken orally twice on a daily basis. One drop is the measure required for a 1 kg body weight of a cat.

Conclusion: Human beings are the only creatures blessed by God as they can express their problems and emotions with others. But in the case of pets and other animals, they can’t express their problems and health conditions so it’s our duty to keep a watch on them and help them when needed. Cats are wonderful pets that sneak around us and play with us so in return, we should help them by providing support to fight against harmful diseases and ailments with the right solutions. Lung Gold for cats is one such product which you can order for your cat to have a life free from respiratory problems.