LiverAid is a natural remedy that can reduce the symptoms of a sluggish liver in cats. The condition that is scientifically termed the hepatic lipidosis happens in cats that eat very less. The lack of energy that arises is compensated by forcing the liver to digest stored fat into energy. This makes extra effort on the organ. Prolonging this leads to fat deposition in the liver over the time.

Cats may often suffer from loss of appetite due to many reasons like stress, anxiety, separation anxiety. The loss of appetite will gradually make an energy gradient that will force the liver to rely on stored fat. LiverAid from PetAlive helps the cat body to have healthier energy levels by promoting vitality and metabolic activities. It also ensures the healthy flow of bile from liver which helps in digestion and also protects the gallbladder from developing stones. Regular use will reduce the sluggishness depending on the situation. The pancreatic health is also improved with LiverAid.

Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease

When is LiverAid helpful

The symptoms of liver disorder in cats are

  • Decreased appetite
  • Tendency to hide somewhere
  • Lethargy and weak neck and muscles
  • Jaundice, too much drooling
  • Vomiting and dehydration
  • Constipation and little fecal clumps

Cats that are in dire conditions may also show symptoms like black stool, abnormal behaviors etc. LiverAid will slowly reduce these symptoms and the pace also depends on the complexity of the condition. Anorexia or the refusal of food is the primary symptom of liver trouble. If the cat owner can take notice of this and administer the cat with LiverAid the symptoms as well as the condition can be alleviated and can avoided diseases that can be troublesome.

What does LiverAid do?

LiverAid is good for liver, gallbladder, and the pancreas. All these are part of the normal living and digestion. The sluggish liver may cause trouble to the other two organs as well. The normal functioning of the cats will be affected with these main parts of the body failing to do their normal activities. By ensuring proper functioning of these LiverAid can bring a healthy living out for the felines. The better energy levels also make an added point.

LiverAid ingredients

  • Carduus mar can reduce the pain and swellings in the liver and gallbladder
  • Hydrastis is useful for tender and enlarged liver and make it normal.
  • Chelidonium rad is a remedy for electric action in liver that makes it enlarged and painful. It also helps reduce chances of gallstones in the felines.
  • Kali mur helps with indigestion
  • Nat phos delas with jaundice and allows bile flow to get rid of the bile block.
  • Nat sulphuricum is a remedy for liver sore and tender liver.

LiverAid dosage instructions

LiverAid is available as granules. The recommended dosage is a large pinch of the granules, put directly into the cat’s mouth or sprinkled into its food. LiverAid is easily dissolvable in food or water.

Caution for giving LiverAid is that it may not be safe for pregnant and nursing cats. There are no known side effects for this product so far but being a little careful will not harm. Give the cats a closer look while they are on LiverAid in the initial days. Look for any discomforts in them and if there are any stop the administration immediately.

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