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Litter Magnet, 20 oz.

Litter Magnet is a solution to attract the cats to their litter box to do the thing. The top reason why the cats are taken to shelters or getting abandoned in the non-use of their litter box and it is a phenomenon worldwide. Though urinary diseases can cause this problem in cats, in majority cases that is not the reason at all. The cats may simply refuse to visit their litter box when required.

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Clearing after the cats, all the time is not an easy job. Litter Magnet comes as an easy remedy for this behavioral problem. This feline problem cannot be treated with medications; the only consultant here would be the pet owner. Litter Magnet is a helping hand for the owner to attract the cat and train them to use the litter box for which it is made for.

What is Litter Magnet?

Litter Magnet is a herbal product that emits earthy fragrance that is pleasant to the cats and they would be attracted to its source. It is a dry remedy that is added into the cat litter in the box. Cats have a superior ability to sense the smell and that ability is capitalized here to train them. The smell of fresh earth from the litter box will be enough for them to feel ‘natural’ and eliminate themselves in there.

Litter magnet is one product that is highly rewarded with not having to go to troubles just because you have a pet at home. With this remedy there will be no house-soiling cats. It makes the litter box area more attractive and appealing. Sometimes the cats need ‘something’ that appeals them to the litter box and that something is what is called the Litter Magnet.

Using Litter Magnet – Magnetic cat litter box

Litter Magnet is dry matter and is mixed with the litter. The adding ratio is one cup of Litter Magnet for every 20 lbs of litter. Clumping matter would be more suitable with this. After every cleaning, add additional 1/8 – ¼ cup of this dry matter into the box for the attractive scent. A brochure is also included with the product package for additional information.

Litter Magnet is available in 20 oz bottle. The bottle has a pour lid to take out the contents. One bottle will be enough for 100 pounds of scoop able cat litter. It is available only through veterinarians and the VetapprovedRx site has approved vets.

Litter Magnet is not the complete solution. There are additional steps that are to be taken by the owners to correct this behavioral problem. The cat-owner association is also important. Have a healthy relation with the pets. Spend time with them, indulge in their daily activities.

Litter box cleanliness and location are also significant. Place the box at an easily accessible location, preferably a wider open area of the house. This allows the fragrance to reach the cats and there is also no trouble for them to reach as well.

Litter Magnet, in a way, also remedies the urine marking by the cats. With the help of this, the cats no longer will be sent out to shelters because of the constant troubles, which keep them happy. The owners no longer have to spend more time in cleaning up by which they also are happy.

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