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Litter Life is a bio-degradable cat litter for the convenience of the pet owner. Cat litter is a lining that is kept over the litter box of the cats to prevent leakage. The litter is mostly made of clay, silica, or biodegradable materials. The clay and silica may cause problems for the cats on a longer run. The biodegradable Litter Life is completely safe and non-irritant also. it can be a green movement and eco-friendly in the sense that it is decomposed completely without being a burden on earth.

The biodegradable cat litter is usually made from paper, pine, wheat, corn, and soybean or beet pulp. Litter Life is made with cellulose from paper. The recycled paper is made into pellets that have more absorbency as well. Litter Life is non-dust litter that causes no breathing irritations to the cats. Cellulose is non-allergic also. The cats would be more comfortable than being in a dusty area.

Why use paper?

The main reason for using paper as a cat litter is its absorbency. Being made from plants, it makes a natural replacement for the artificial materials and has more absorbency than them. After use it can be composted or even flushed away. While flushing use only moderate amounts otherwise it can clog. Using the used Litter Life as mulch also works well.

As for how it is made, it is made from used paper and newspaper. The used paper is made into a pulp form and de-inked. During the re-pulping process the long fibers and the short fibers are separated. While the long fibers are remade into useful paper, the short ones are considered waste. It is this waste paper pulp is what used to make the cat litter.

The short fibers are dehydrated and pelletized and dried thoroughly to for the litter. It is combined with a deodorizing agent to make it fragrance-free and used as cat litter. The formed Litter Life cat litter is light weighted than the clay forms.

What makes Litter Life the best cat litter?

A cat litter is said best when the owner has to spend less time with the cleaning process. Litter Life has high absorbency and only few pellets are dirtied every time. The used pellets make crump making it easy to separate and thrashed. The absorbency reduces chances of getting the litter real wet and avoid moisture dependent diseases.

Litter Life availability

Litter Life is available in the bigger bag of 50 lbs. the convenient pack allows scooping and the cat owner can use only as much needed every time. It comes at a reasonable price as well. The product can be ordered by calling into the number given at the official site or by sending an email to the given id.

Litter Life is completely safe and chemical-free. It also allows the owners to be part of reuse-recycle campaign as the thrown away litter will again contribute to the nourishment of the earth when used as mulch and make way for new plants to grow.

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