What is Life Gold for Cat Detox?

This medicine supports the immune system of the cat and also helps the vital organs of the body to detoxify. It removes free radicals from the body and has ant oxidative function on the body. It also helps in reducing oxidative stresses.

What are the ingredients of Life Gold for Cat Detox?

  • Chaga (Inonotus obliquus):  This is a type of mushroom that thrives mainly on birch trees. This fungus has naturally occurring antioxidant content.  It also has polysaccharides that are helpful for maintaining a healthy immune system.
  • Blessed Thistle herb (Cnicus Benedictus):  A frequently-used traditional plant, this restorative herb is well known for its detoxifying and cleansing features, and it is also known for its antioxidant properties and cell rejuvenating action.
    Burdock root (Arctium lappa):  Burdock has been known for its aid to the liver (helps in bile secretions), to bring on a healthy appetite, and for the protection of healthy cells in the presence of toxins.
  • Red Clover flowering herb (Trifolium pratense):  One of this flower’s features has been well known as “alterative”, which shows that it has an effective action to cleanse the blood from chemicals.  It has small quantities of vital vitamins and minerals that give easily absorbed nutritive importance. It can also bring on healthy appetite in cats.
  • Sheep Sorrel herb (Rumex acetosella):  This herb is constitutive of Vitamin C and minerals, and this herb also has been widely used for lymphatic health. It is well known for maintaining the health of the digestive tract, and it also works as a detoxifier.
  • Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmus rubra): This is high is mucilage and it also has slightly sweet tasting tinge. It has been used for hundreds of years in North America for maintaining the health of the digestive tract and absorbing unwanted chemicals. It is has high nutritious value and comes with lots of antioxidants.
  • Turkey Rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum): Used effectively to bring a pattern to bowel movements, this plant which is also known as Chinese Rhubarb is not like the garden variety of its kind. It promotes this gentle formula by effectively helping the body to remove accumulated waste through the bowels.

The inactive ingredients of the medicine are deionized water, vegetable glycerine and natural bacon flavour.

Life Gold – Cat Cancer Support

Life Gold for Cat Detox is a medicine that has every batch tested for quality. Yes, you heard it right. Every batch that comes out of the facilities that manufacture the medicine is tested so that only the best get through to your pets.

Why choose Life Gold for Cat Detox over other herbal medicines.

Life Gold for Cat Detox is a medicine that has every batch tested for quality. Yes, you heard it right. Every batch that comes out of the facilities that manufacture the medicine is tested so that only the best get through to your pets. The manufacturing process is such that the full biochemical spectra of the herbs are preserved in the bottles to ensure purity. The herbs used in the process are organically cultivated and ethically harvested so that no plants are endangered in the process.

Is it a certified medicine?

The Life Gold for Cat Detox is certified organic. The manufacturing process comes under Good Manufacturing Practices which have strict national protocols to follow for any manufacture. The facilities that are used to make Life Gold for Cat Detox are registered under the FDA and so are all the ingredients used, the equipments used and the methods used for the process. The guidelines are also approved by the FDA. Since it is a dietary supplement for pet animals, the Pet Wellbeing has gone an extra step to adhere to GVM’s good guidance’s.

Directions to follow when using Life Gold for Cat Detox:

The bottle of medicine has to be shaken well before use. The bottle does not have to be refrigerated. The medicine has to be given to your cat two times every day. The amount or number of drops you have to give to your cat depends on the body weight of the animal. The prescribed amount is one drop for every 2 pounds or 1 kg of body weight. In order to make the process of administering the drops easier, the medicine is enhanced with a natural bacon flavour to attract your pets. Just add the drops to your pet’s food and they will not even know that the tempting scent is from the medicine!

What caution should be followed when taking up Life Gold for Cat Detox?

It is always advised by vets that your pets are given a healthy environment to grow in. The food that they eat must contains less processed food and more of natural food. The water they drink must be clean and their blankets, houses and other things must be kept clean. It is not possible to keep your animals off the stresses but it is possible to give them good and clean baths frequently though not so frequently that they should come to hate it!

Most importantly, they must be given good exercise. This will promote circulation in the body. Not just blood circulation, which will take the necessary nutrients to different parts but also the flow of waste products so that they can be excreted. Overeating can be an issue too and obesity can be avoided with proper food and good exercise.

Who manufactures Life Gold for Cat Detox?

Life Gold for Cat Detox is manufactured by Pet Wellbeing.com. This company has been manufacturing herbal medicines for pets since 2001. They also have a very good team of holistic vets who have gone out of their way to make you cat’s life comfortable. They have studied the issues faced by cats in their daily lives and the diseases that most commonly affect them. Now, they did not want any side effects when they prescribe medicines. Thus, they turned to herbal medicines which ensure that there will be absolutely no side effects. They have also used modern technology in order to bring the best quality to the medicines and also bring it in a form that is easy to administer to your pets. The medicines are all manufactured in the USA.