Diabetes In Cats

Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml

Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml

There are several online stores providing pet medications but the five reasons to buy them from VetApprovedRx are – one, it is veterinarian owned company unlike others which are pharmacists owned.

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Two, it offers superior quality products that are U.S.A FDA and EPA approved. Three, all products are proven to be effective and safe for pets. Four, these premium quality products are offered at the best possible lowest price. Five offers reliable and accurate information related to pet health and medication. It offers a number of products to tackle any pet health condition including diabetes. Diabetes is less common in cats but today this trend is increasing. Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml is a helpful insulin medication for cats to normalize the blood glucose levels. The complete details of this product are included further in the article.

Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml Benefits & Uses

Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml helps treat diabetic cats by normalizing their blood glucose levels. Your cat’s body works as expected when it has a normal level of glucose in the blood and your cat may be seen to have fewer diabetic symptoms. Lantus is an insulin glargine, a form of insulin formulation for injection beneath the skin for its effects last for a long time. The one bottle pack of Lantus Insulin contains U-100 10ml. This is a temperature sensitive medication so additional shipping charges will be applied over and above the product price.

Below mentioned are the few points related to this product, kindly read them carefully and adhere to the directions, if any:

  • It is important to strictly follow your Veterinarian’s prescription instructions related to Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml for your pet.
  • You should consult your veterinarian before using this product for your cat.
  • Make sure that this product remains refrigerated.
  • Take utmost care while following dosing directions. Follow the exact directions and do not either overdose your cat with more medication than directed or do not skip doses.
  • Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml should be used with U-100 insulin syringes only to provide the accurate and proper dose of U100.
  • Read the label attached on the bottle carefully for details about storing, drug interactions and possible side effects.

Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml – Veterinarian Confirmation

To buy Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml it is mandatory to provide a veterinarian’s prescription. While checking out you will have to give your veterinarian details such as FAX or email address. VetApprovedRx will send him or her prescription verification that your veterinarian will authorize by signing and return before we the product is shipped to you.

Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml Temperature Sensitive Medication

As mentioned earlier, Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml is a Temperature Sensitive Medication which requires a 2nd Day shipping. This item requires special express shipping and to accommodate these special shipping needs an extra cost is added. An additional air charge of $24.99 as shipping and handling fee will be added to the order.

To buy Lantus Insulin U-100 10ml, you will just have to click on the link given below: http://www.vetapprovedrx.com/shop.asp?category_id=&item_id=2727&item_name=Lantus%20Insulin%20U-100%2010ml#.VRpnN_yUeSo and then add to cart tab for check out.

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