Knockout Room and Area Fogger – Usage

All the instructions and directions of use are mentioned in the product label and strictly adhere to all what is mentioned to the safety benefits by the Knockout Room and Area Fogger. Make sure you read the whole thing and are thoroughly aware of the usage types. The dosage of the Knockout Room and Area Fogger is that one fogger should be used in every 6000 cubic feet of the unobstructed area. You can also use additional units for rooms that are remote and that do not get the free flow of fog from the other rooms.

Administration – Before using shake the Knockout Room and Area Fogger well. Now hold the bottle at an arm’s length away from the faces and push the finger pad down until it is locked. This process helps in starting the fogging process. You can place the number of newspapers to prevent the marring of the surface by the canister. Once the whole treatment is done, leave the building immediately and do not reenter the building for 2 hours. Then only after providing proper ventilation should you let in the residents.

Knockout Area Treatment by Virbac
Knockout Room and Area Fogger is a product manufactured by Virbac and has its registered trademark too. This is a room and area fogger that is used for killing the adult fleas, pre-adult fleas and flea eggs present in the rooms for 7 months. it is effective to the extent that the fleas are hidden in the carpets, rugs, drapes, upholstery, beds, cracks, cabinets and so on can be gotten rid of. Because of its aerosolized can, this fogger requires a parcel post mailing class. There is a 6 oz Knockout Room and Area Fogger.

Knockout Room and Area Fogger – Ingredients

A combination of 3 insecticides works towards providing the benefits of the Knockout Room and Area Fogger. These 3 insecticides are Nylar, Pyrethrin, and Permethrin. These insecticides put a break to the life cycle of the flea and solve the flea problems from its root. The functions carried out by these ingredients in the Knockout Room and Area Fogger Formula is:

  • Nylar – Nylar is known to be an insect growth regulator. That is, it makes sure that the fleas do not reproduce again. Thus, Nylar provides a long-term control to the fleas and helps in preventing flea attacks.
  • Pyrethrin – Pyrethrin in the Knockout Room and Area Fogger Formula mix is a botanical ingredient that cans the power to kill the insects when it comes in contact with them. It can help you to get rid of all the fleas attacking your cat. Not only kill the fleas, it also has the capacity to bring out these insects from the hiding place and to kill each and every single flea present on the body of the cat.
  • Permethrin – The final ingredient of the Knockout Room and Area Fogger is Permethrin which is an active insecticide and starts taking effect soon after the functioning of the Nylar ingredient.

Knockout Room and Area Fogger – Cautions

Extreme cautions should be looked out when fogging the area with the Knockout Room and Area Fogger. Always stick to the dosage levels, administration and directions of use mentioned to get effective results.

  • If you are spraying the Knockout Room and Area Fogger in a building make sure that all the living beings are vacated from the building, be it humans and animals. This is because it is very dangerous to breathe the contents of this product by humans. It is harmful to both animals and humans if swallowed.
  • You must not breathe in the vapors or the spray mist.
  • Do not bring this product in contact with your eyes, skin or clothing.
  • It should also not be brought near any food particles as the Knockout Room and Area Fogger can contaminate the food.
  • After the treatment is done, given some time for ventilation. do not enter the treatment premises within 30 minutes of the fogging.
  • For one room one, only Knockout Room and Area Fogger should be used.
  • The Knockout Room and Area Fogger is meant for a room and should not be sprayed in small or enclosed spaces like closets, cabinets or areas under the table or bed.
  • If you want to fog in rooms of 5 ft x 5 ft or less, do not fog directly. You can allow the fog from the adjacent larger rooms to enter this area.
  • Before doing this treatment, make extremely sure that the all the ignition sources are closed or turned off. Such as the gas valves, open flames, electrical appliances, refrigerators, thermostats, pilot lights and so on.

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