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Ketochlor Shampoo For Cats Skin Disorder

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A shampoo for treating the skin conditions faced by the cats and for a better looking and shiny coat of the cat is called the Ketochlor Shampoo. This product has antiseptic and antiseborrheic properties which are effective for treating any dermal conditions experienced in the cats. All those conditions which are highly responsive to the ingredients of Ketochlor Shampoo can be effectively treated. To know this viability you have to contact your vet first if your cat is facing any type of problem.

Being a product with Spherulites, it allows for a patented encapsulation system. The presence of Chitosanide is also effective and being a biopolymer is helps in the protecting the skin and hair coat of the cat with a protective film.

Ketochlor Shampoo – The Ingredients

The Ketochlor Shampoo is a constituency of two active ingredients:

  • Chlorhexidine gluconate – The Chlorhexidine gluconate is available in a percentage of 2.3%. In this 2% is in the free form and 0.3% is encapsulated.
  • Ketoconazole – The Ketoconazole contains 1% of the total Ketochlor Shampoo.

Ketochlor Shampoo – Directions of Use

The directions of use should be followed as given in the instructions to get effective results. You must consult your vet first and see that the directions adhere to the ones mentioned. Once the condition of your cat is diagnosed the dosages will be adjusted accordingly to get the maximum possible results.

  • Shake the shampoo bottle well before using.
  • The hair coat of the cat should be wetted with warm water first and then the shampoo should be applied. Required amount of Ketochlor Shampoo should be used until a rich lather is formed.
  • This lather should be massaged well onto the wet hair of the coat of the cat.
  • After proper massaging, rinse it well.
  • Do this process one more time and let the stay onto the hair for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.
  • It should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.
  • Wash your hands after the whole application.

This process can be repeated for 2 to 3 times a week for the first four weeks. Then the process can be reduced to one time a week. Ask your vet and follow the instructions told by him.

Ketochlor Shampoo – Warnings and Cautions

  • You must take the prescription of the Ketochlor Shampoo only from a licensed veterinarian. This is a strict rule by the Federal Law USA.
  • The product should not be brought in contact with the eyes or the mucous membranes of the cat. Any such contact happening accidentally should be washed off thoroughly. If any adverse reactions occur, immediately contact your vet.
  • Some cats experience skin reactions. So immediately the product should be discontinued and contact your vet.
  • This product is not for human use and should definitely be kept out of reach of children.
  • The Ketochlor Shampoo is also not for otic use.

Ketochlor Shampoo – Storage

Proper storage should be given to the Ketochlor Shampoo for its long life. It is instructed to keep this shampoo in a controlled room temperature. That is, below 70o f or 25o C.

The Ketochlor Shampoo is available in the following varied quantities:

  • Ketochlor Shampoo of 8 oz
  • Ketochlor Shampoo of 16 oz
  • Ketochlor Shampoo of 1 gallon

The Ketochlor Shampoo is not an over-the-counter product and it requires prescription from a licensed vet to purchase it. So once you purchase this product, it will be delivered to you only after we get the prescription verified from your vet.

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