Dry cough in cats is not a disease in itself but only a symptom. It is a common occurrence and the reason can be minor to major. A small fur ball in the throat or other obstructive items in the respiratory tract can cause dry cough. Major reasons are asthma, lung cancer, heart failure etc. Whatever the reason is dry cough is most discomforting to both the cats and the cat owners. KC Defense granules are natural remedy to relieve these irritating dry cough in cats. It is effective in relieving the minor respiratory infections in the cats.

PetAlive KC-Defense

What can KC Defense granules do?

KC Defense granules can relieve the acute coughs and clear the chest area for easier breathing. It protects the respiratory system from further infections by strengthening the immune system. most times, a weak immune system is what causing infections and being a natural product KC Defense granules can provide overall wellness to the cats and make their immune system better. This can be an initial step before paying a visit to the veterinarian.

Advantage of KC Defense granules

The immune boosting effects of KC Defense granules improves the respiratory health as it can focus on functioning than fighting any bacteria or other pathogens. Dry cough cannot be taken lightly as it may turn out to be contagious and dangerous. By using KC Defense granules in the initial stage itself can reduce the impact and provide the kitties relief without the harsh drugs from the vet.

The biggest advantage of KC Defense granules is that it is natural product. It is non-addictive and can be used for a longer term when needed. It is prompt to act and results of improvement are seen within a first few days itself. It is a better choice than the various antibiotics. These antibiotics can weaken the immune system while the KC Defense granules boost the immunity than doing any harm to it.

Using KC Defense granules

The KC Defense granules are tiny and easily dissolved into the mouth of the cats. Simply take a pinch of the granules and put it directly into the cat’s mouth. It does not have any particular flavor so the kitties can take them without being fussy. The dosage is a large pinch every hour for a maximum of 10 times in the initial 2-3 days. Once the symptoms are reduced, lower the dosage to only 3 times a day for the next 2-3 weeks.

The ingredients

KC Defense granules contain only homeopathic ingredients.

  • Plantago is used widely for dry cough treatment. It is an expectorant and can expel the mucus from the lungs. It soothes the throat irritation.
  • Bryonia is a remedy used for coughs and dry mucus irritation. It is helpful to clear the mucus accumulation from the chest.
  • Echinacea purp is used for treating cold and flu and other viral infections. It is effective in treating the infections and be a support to the immunity. It stimulates the immune system to perform better and take some burden away from the respiratory system.
  • Ferrum phos is anti-inflammatory and can help for better distribution of oxygen and iron and strengthen each cell to have better fighting ability.
  • Kali sulph is for oxygen distribution and is an antibiotic which is effective in chronic infections.
  • Mag phos can relieve pain due to infections and reduce bronchial spasms.

KC Defense granules can be an initial self treatment before the doctor. It may be used a week before the vet’s appointment for general checkups as well. No matter how or when it is used, KC Defense granules demands regularity to have positive effects.