K9 Calm herbal formula is a brilliant natural remedy that includes natural Herbs found commonly in most of the kitchens. They are highly potent and work effectively to calm the dogs. Want to know more about this product then keep reading …

What do the makers of K9 Calm claim? Does it really help in calming the dogs?

This natural remedy is simply unique and uses only four different natural ingredients. The manufacturer claims that it lends a hand to attain stability, balance of tranquillity and helps the dog to adjust to its surroundings. They say that this remedy works without causing any sedative effect or unwanted side effects. They say that it is more like making the dog adapt to its owner and living conditions, rather than drugging it with unwanted chemicals. K9 Calm is a certified organic blend that actually works and helps the dog adapt to its living conditions. Probably this is the only natural remedy, which includes both modern technologies to extract its ingredients and at the same times keeps all the traditional intact. This is what makes this herbal medicine a huge success among pet lovers.

K9 Calm Herbal Calming Formula

K9 Calm is a simple remedy that helps to deal with problems such as Panic attacks, fear, jittery nerves and helps in managing your Dog’s Separation Anxiety.

What is K9 Calm calming formula for dogs?

K9 Calm is a herbal formulation that is a combination of four different commonly used herbs. It is free of dangerous toxins/ chemicals/ sedatives. It helps to prevent issues such as panic attacks, fear, and separation anxiety. This remedy helps to calm the dog naturally without inducing side effects. Most of the drugs available in the market cause problems such as lethargy, drowsiness, and droopiness. K9 Calm helps to deal with all these conditions without causing any sedative effect or drowsiness. It helps your canine friend to achieve best possible sleep and stay calm. It is gentle and safe for dogs and that is the main reason why most of the people prefer using this supplement.

What is Separation anxiety, panic attacks and fear in dogs?

Dogs are just like humans and they exhibit different sort of emotions. However, they actually fail to express in the right away and tend to be extreme in certain cases. Separation anxieties are often extreme and most of the times it leads to self-inflicted injuries. Some dogs actually go a long way and destroy everything and anything in the area where they are confined. They do this just because they feel unsafe and isolated, especially when their owners are away. Not all dogs, but dogs suffering from such issues become restless and highly disturbed when their owners leave to work or go out for some other purpose. You would have seen that dogs normally show tantrums when you are ready to step out without him or her. However, most of the dogs behave normally and well without causing any trouble until you return. Now take the case of the dogs that suffer from anxiety issues, they will behave in the most awkward away and do things that they are not supposed to do. It is imperative to deal with care especially with a dog suffering from separation anxiety.

So how do I know that my dog has separation anxiety symptoms?

Most of the dog owners fail to notice the symptoms or simply take the dog to a trainer so that it will learn to live I with its surroundings. However, training a dog is not enough and that will not help in the end. Instead of educating the canine about the conditions is important and along with that, natural remedies like K9Calm will help a lot. You can watch for the following symptoms to know whether your dog has separation anxiety or else you can always have a word with the vet specialist.

Urinating and Defecating

Urinating and defecating in its normal routine is completely fine, however when it starts to do that in unlikely places and unlikely times then it is a matter of concern. You will also notice that this behaviour is widely common during the time when you are not at home or when your dog is alone. Certain dogs tend to eat their own faecal matter when they feel depressed or left alone. Such behaviors highly indicate that the dog is having separation anxiety.

Barking and howling for no reason

Some dogs go on barking and howling for no actual reason when they are left alone. This highly points out to the fact that they are scared and they just do not want to be left alone.

Chewing and self-inflicted injuries

Dogs with such issues tend to chew anything and everything such as doorframes, handles, furniture and carpets. They actually go into a rage creating a big mess and sometimes even cause self-injuries.

Moving in patterns

Sometimes move in patterns when they are left alone. They may walk in circles, or walk on the same path repeatedly, move back and forth.

Digging and destroying things

Dogs with separation anxiety tend to dig the soil, sofa sets or anything that they find in their way. they do this out of fear.

Trying to escape

Dogs with separation anxiety always tend to run away from the area they are confined. You can see scratches near all the exit points and this is one of the common symptoms that indicates that the dog has separation anxiety.

Ingredients used in K9 Calm for dogs

K9 Calm is a natural remedy for dogs suffering from separation anxiety and it includes four natural herbs

  • Passion Flower – This natural herb has calming properties and it helps to soothe frayed nervous system. It also helps to manage conditions such as anxiety, seizures, and hysteria. It also helps to provide restful sleep, which is vital for keeping the dog calm.
  • Chamomile – this natural herb is a traditional remedy used for many centuries to treat a wide range of health issues. It is the best remedy that helps to calm the central nervous system, brain, and the body. It also helps to prevent stress and tension. In addition, it helps to prevent inflammation, panic attacks, improves blood circulation, and provides great sleep.
  • Ginger – This age-old herb not only offer health benefits but also offers a unique taste to various cuisines across the world. Ginger tea is a great remedy that helps to prevent stress and anxiety. It also helps to manage depression. This remedy helps to soothe the digestive system and boosts the immune power. Ginger also helps to provide relief from pain and prevent inflammation.
  • Valerian Root – This sedative herb helps to provide restful sleep and prevent all the symptoms of insomnia. Valerian extracts spikes the production of GABA levels in the brain, which directly helps in reducing the brain activity.

Dosage Instructions – how to use

  • For all breeds of dogs, you can follow the same dosage or as directed by your vet specialist
  • Small dogs up to 20 lbs: one capsule or one dropper
  • Medium dogs 21 to 40 lbs: 2 capsules or 2 droppers
  • Large dogs 41 lbs. and up: 3 capsules or 3 droppers

Precautions using K9 Calm and Side effects K9 Calm

Never use more than twice the suggested dosage within 24 hours or follow the dosage as told by the vet care specialist. Keep this product away from the reach of children. One Bottle of K9 Calm contains 40 servings and it will last for more than a month for a medium size dog. This remedy is not for pups below the age of 6 months, elderly dogs, pregnant and lactating mothers. This product includes all-natural ingredients and it does not cause any adverse effects on the body. If you find any uneasiness then kindly discontinue using the product.

Customer reviews – K9Calm herbal formulation for dogs

This product has great reviews and most of the people recommend this supplement to others. The positive things mentioned about this drug by customers is as follows

  • It does not cause any side effects
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Easy to administer
  • Cost effective and easily available

Self-submitted customer reviews

  • “My dog started howling and barking once I go the office and it never stops until I return. I took it to the training centre and it was almost okay for some time. My Vet suggested certain medications, but most of them made by dog drowsy. Later my friend suggested this K9 Calming solution and it really works if you use it consistently. My dog looks calm and quiet unlike being aggressive whenever I leave it alone. “
  • “This medicine did not work and I used it only for a week. I am not sure whether I had to use to for more time.”
  • “This remedy is highly effective and works well if used according to the dosage. It is easy to administer and use.”

Frequently asked questions

Does this natural remedy cause any lethargy?

This medicine contains natural herbs that have sedative properties. It aims at providing good and normal sleep, however, does not cause any side effects such as lethargy, drowsiness, or exhaustion.

Is this medicine safe for dogs with other health conditions?

Yes, it is safe for all but, if you have any doubts it is always better to have a word with the vet specialist before starting any natural remedies.

Does it include any harmful chemicals?

No, this product contains only natural extracts from the listed four herbs and nothing else. So you can be sure and safe while using this product for naturally calming the dogs.

Why buy K9 Calm when there are many other products?

K9 Calm TM is the only product that includes all natural ingredients and the main point is that all these four ingredients are proven for providing calming effects. They have been used for centuries and moreover, this product does not include any harmful drugs and comes at a reasonable price.

K9 Calm money back guarantee offer

K9 Calm comes with a written satisfaction guarantee on the iron clad, bottom-of-the-jar, it is as follows “Every jar or bottle of K9 Calm is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction or will return your money back! Simply return the unused portion of the bottle to Natural Wonder Products within 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund (less Shipping &Handling charges). No hassle, no questions asked. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!”

Buy K9Calm – A natural remedy for dog separation anxiety

This product is available on the official website of nature wonder pet store. They also have a wide range of products for both dogs and cats. K9 Calm is a great product and you can easily order it online without any hassles. This product is not available at any local stores or with online portals such as Amazon.com. You can buy this product from their official website with exciting deals such as BUY1 GET 1 offer. They also offer huge discounts when you buy in bulk. There are no promo codes or discount coupons available as they already offer their product at cheap rates. Hurry up the deals may expire soon!


Dogs are beautiful creatures who are the most loyal and lovable ones. Every dog has its own set of behaviors; just like humans, they also experience various emotions. Some dogs actually do not have the hold of controlling their emotions and they tend to overdo. Such animals need care and love. It is important to deal with caution when it comes to dog separation anxiety and panic attacks. It is not enough to train them, but also provide them with health supplements. Natural supplements will help to support the body and mind. K9 Calm herbal calming formula is a great remedy worth recommending.