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Interesting Cats Sleep Facts

Cats sleep their lives away. A healthy cat sleeps 2/3 rd of a day, which makes it to 70% of their total life. They do sleep sound at night but most of the time they simply ‘nap’. It may seem that they get fully tired of their constant napping that they are ‘forced’ to take another nap. While napping they have their eyes a little open.

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Sleep in their genes

The sleep is in their genes, they can’t help it. Sleep is a trait that helps them save their energy when chasing their prey. The predator in them needs as much energy. While the kitties sleep their body uses less energy and saves more. Even when they are domesticated this trait remains unchanged, no matter they no longer have to chase their prey to have their meals. It also saves energy enough to let them have less hunting as possible.

No sound asleep

The cats seem to be peacefully deep asleep, but in actual they are light sleepers especially during day time. Their mind and body are fully alert even when they are napping. The slightest sound from the far end of the room is enough to wake them up. They record the surrounding sounds and smell around even when they sleep. This genetic constitution helps them spot any danger coming up. Even if there is none, they remain alert. The alert nature saves them from the predators in the wilderness.

But the kittens sleep deep and sound than the adults. The little kittens no much time to do into the deeper levels of sleep. For about a month from their birth, the kittens sleep like a baby. As they grow their sleep timings also changes.

Cats do dream

Scientific evidence show that cats also dream in their sleep. Though they are sleeping in an alert state most of the time, when they are deep asleep they also get dreams. Indications of their dreaming period are slight movements of the paws, subtle sounds they produce etc. The tail twitching is an indication that they are dreaming abut hunting and are pouncing on to their prey.

Sleepwalking unheard of

The abnormal case of sleep pattern comes to the brain damaged cats that act all normal when they are awake. Once they sleep and get to the dreaming period, they sleepwalk. While they sleep walk, they act in a super relaxed mood and crouches low as if they are stalking a prey. They might even look for food or start playing, but all the while technically sound asleep.

There are some cats that snore

Humans are not the only ones who snore. It is surprising to know that even the cats do. The cat owners would it better. Though it is not that common, it is mostly seen in certain breeds that has short nose such as Himalayan, Persian, and Exotic shorthair cats. The air ways in these cats is obstructed by some extra skin from the softer palate. It is seen more when the cats are too relaxed and has least control.

Sleep disorder is a sign

In order to find a sleep disorder you must be well aware of the usual sleeping hours of your pet. An average cat sleeps about 12-19 hours a day. Know the exact sleeping period of your cat and observe to see if there is any disorderly manner. Sleep disorders in cats is a serious mater. It could be sig of some disease and infection. In case they sleep more than usual and less than the usual time, book an appointment with the vet ASAP.

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