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Immunity and Liver Support Veg Caps

Immunity and Liver Support Veg

The Immunity and Liver Support veg cap is a herbal supplement to improve the health of the liver and immune system. The functioning of these two parts is important in the defense mechanism and this product will help the cats to have a better immunity and liver health.

There are ingredients in Immunity and Liver Support veg caps that improves the functioning of the immune system and boosts the cat’s body resistance against common diseases, viral and bacterial infections etc. This becomes a huge help in the detoxification process by the liver. There are components that will ensure normal hemoglobin levels that prevents anemia and boost the RBC count which is a major part of the immune system.

Immunity and Liver Support veg capsules can be a tonic to boost the lymphatic system that controls the nerves that are significant in the immune system to send signals and triggers.

Connection between liver and immunity

The Immunity and Liver Support veg caps are to boost the liver and immune system. The connection between these two systems is that the liver does the detoxification process that includes the elimination of the pathogens like bacteria and virus. Liver contain immune cells that coordinates certain signals to clear the invaders and avoid the infections. There are also parts that ensure this immune response is triggered only when there is a pathogen and does not happen during a mistaken pathogen from the food. Here liver is the main part that regulates the immune response and good defense.

Role of Immunity and Liver Support and its ingredients

Any damage to the liver or its cells compromises both liver and immunity. Liver is ever working machinery that also needs servicing and maintenance. It is the vitamins that do that job. The vitamins are antioxidants that protect the liver tissues from oxidative damage by the free radicals.

The ingredient Dandelion in the Immunity and Liver Support contains the vitamins C and A that neutralizes the free radicals. The vitamin D in this ingredient can prevent inflammation in the cat’s liver thereby maintaining a healthy liver that compliments the immune system.

Echinacea is a immune tonic that boost the lymphatic system as well. It has anti-viral, anti-biotic an anti-allergic properties that all take part in immunity support to the cats. The seasonal flu and other allergies can be reduced by regular use of Immunity and Liver Support veg capsules.

Ashwagandha is a general tonic that maintains blood health. It has anti-inflammatory effects to prevent liver cirrhosis. In animals it is also supportive to other vital organs like heart and kidneys.

Milk Thistle is a health restorative and can protect the liver from damage because of its antioxidant property. It ensures the cell regeneration in liver cells, and in cats it is a great advantage.

How to give Immunity and Liver Support

The Immunity and Liver Support veg capsules can be opened and mix the contents in the cat food. Use only half a capsule at a time and administer it twice daily. If the cat shows many symptoms of a weak immunity or is prone to diseases easier, initially give a higher dose of one capsule every half an hour for a maximum number of 10 times in a day. Once the symptoms are reduced, stick to the recommended dose.

When to give Immunity and Liver Support

Cats with weak immunity will show fatigue, will sick easier, may become obese, indigestion, allergies, respiratory complaints etc. The worst case is liver diseases with yellow color all over. Do not wait for that long. If any of these symptoms are seen for a week or two get the Immunity and Liver Support and see the difference almost immediately. The cats will be lively and shows better resistance to the diseases and allergies. It will also regain the proper health as well.

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