Cats being small animals with smaller organs are more prone to accumulation of toxins and impurities. Liver is the main organ responsible for detoxifying the body. When there are too many toxins that is beyond liver’s limit the immune system of the cats suffers first followed by the digestive system and so on.

Immunity and Liver Support Spray is a herbal formula that helps the cats to have a healthier liver functioning so that it can help with the natural immunity. Immunity and Liver Support Spray also supports the immune system and natural detoxification process. It serves as a general tonic that accelerates the metabolic processes and other functionalities. The toxins that are trapped will be released slowly and the detoxification process that is made faster will excrete the toxins from the feline bodies.

Immunity and Liver Support Veg

Immunity and Liver Support Spray helps balance the detox process and the liver functioning. The ingredients in it safeguards cells against the free radicals. With proper functioning of the liver the digestion is also healthier. The tonic effects support the hemoglobin levels. The overall vitality of the cats is improved with Immunity and Liver Support Spray and they show better energy levels.

  • Dandelion has bitter contents that can stimulate digestion and liver. The minerals and other nutrients present in this herb provide nourishment to the organs and helps improve the liver in better detoxification of the cat’s body. In Immunity and Liver Support Spray this herb is both a tonic and a detoxifying agent.
  • Echinacea is for immune boosting. The lymphatic system functions better with the help of this herb. Studies have supported this herb’s ability to be an immune tonic and its effects in reducing respiratory complaints in cats.
  • Ashwagandha is a tonic and a blood purifier. It can be restorative and make healthier blood with normal hemoglobin levels and oxygen carrying capacity. This helps improve the cat’s energy levels. It can also help with the cardiovascular health in the pets.
  • Milk thistle is a liver tonic that urges the liver function better to have bile and other digestive juices. It also helps prevent the liver inflammations. The antioxidant property of this herb safeguards the cells and tissues against free radical damages.

Directions to use Immunity and Liver Support Spray

Immunity and Liver Support Spray is easier to administer. Keep the nozzle near to the cat’s mouth and press two sprays directly into the cat’s mouth. Repeat the process twice daily. It may be repeated frequently if needed but the maximum dosage should not be more than 6 times a day. The extra doses are given every 20-30 minutes but do stick to the dosage limit.

Immunity and Liver Support is a supportive product so there may be changes inside the cat’s body but will not be visible outside for a while. There may be little changes but major improvement will be seen later but only with regular use of Immunity and Liver Support.