Cocoa, my Ragdoll, is now 2 years. She was quite a healthy cat until the past 2-3 days she started sleeping a lot. She was also feeling quite lethargic and won’t feel enthusiastic like previous times. Now I had moved shifted from LA to NY so it was difficult for me to look for a Vet for my pet. I somehow managed to grab hold of a Vet who told that my cat is down with fever of 102. He handed few antibiotics and did a blood test. The result showed that my pet is dealing with feline diabetes. The vet told me that my cat should be put on special diet but I guess he was trying to sell me his cat food. Diabetic medications were also on the list.

Frankly, I did not want my cat to have pills and conventional treatments such as insulin injections or a strict diet. I looked up the internet, researched few cat friendly natural remedies myself. But I was not willing to experiment. Finally I found a holistic Vet who was willing to treat my Cocoa naturally. Apart from exercise, she was put on low carb, high protein diet. Raw foods are the best but if your cat is picky, you can go with cooked at the initial stage and later on implementing raw gradually.

Blood Sugar Gold for Cats

Treating diabetes holistically in cats has never been so much fun. Natural remedies has always worked for humans but I never thought it would work efficiently for cats as well. Here is the story of my cat, Cocoa.

Natural remedies for diabetes in cats

  • Galega Officinalis: helps in production of insulin by improving the pancreatic function
  • Chromium: increases the effectiveness of insulin. It also helps in balancing the cholesterol level that can promote heart disease.
  • Bilberry: a natural ingredient, bilberry can stimulate insulin production. It also assists in reducing the spiked up blood sugar levels in pets suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Billberry not only cuts down diabetic risk but also improves vision power in cats. Not to mention speedy healing of any wounds and encourages blood circulation issues pertaining to diabetes. This is one of the remedies that worked great for my cat.
  • Turmeric root: Curcumin is an antibiotic and antiseptic product, it fights inflammation, helps in weight loss and insulin resistance.
  • Bitter melon: Activates an enzyme called AMPK which is basically a protein that charges the metabolism level and enables glucose uptake that too without any side effects. This works for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes effectively.
  • Fenugreek seeds: used in variety of foods in India, this native remedy has many benefits in humans and pets. Fenugreek has the ability to reduce hyperglycemia. It is one of the popular home remedies used by many to heal cat/dog diabetes.

Other natural remedies include the following that can be administered after a nod from your Vet

  • Devil’s club root bark
  • Dandelion leaf and its root
  • Marshmallow
  • Alfalfa
  • Glutamine
  • Aloe Vera
  • Hawthorn
  • Seaweed

I had difficulty during the initial stages as cats can be very determined in choosing their own food. It required patience with the cliched trick of mixing it with cat food. Of course, this one was easy but there are cats who are smart enough to predict our tricks. Somehow it worked to my benefit and Cocoa is now in the right shape and her diabetic readings are now normal. I couldn’t be much happier.

Got any other natural remedies that helped your pet? Helps us to guide many other pet owners.