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How My Cat Fought His Overweight Problems & Exercised More – 10 Tips For Feline Owners That Will Transform Their Cat’s Lives

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He cooes “meow”, grinning lazily as he wraps himself in my lap and dozes off to take his share of catnap. I feel emotionally peace by simply watching him curl his paws and sink in to his own dream sleep.

It’s not me but every cat owner would have the same feel when their cat walk up to them and express their love. Its not everyday that you get to see it. Yes, cats are quite some reserved and watchful animals who unlike dogs do not express their feelings so quickly. So when you cat “says” it, there is no doubt that you are special.

Coming back, I never realized that pets tend to suffer from overweight problems until my cat started experiencing going through such issues. Garfield, my cat is 4 years old and weighed around 15 pounds. Few months ago he just started losing interest in playing around. He would feel quite tired after a few runs here and there, would limp at times and slept a lot.

After a run through at the Vet, he said my cat is overweight and needs to start with exercise ASAP or else things can go worse. I admit he began to get fluffy but I always thought it was a healthy fat and not “obesity” as per medical books.

He was put on a special diet to for proper weight loss. Unlike humans, cats can’t do hcg. Exercise is the one thing he hated doing at least during the initial stage. I really had to put up with his drama in the initial days and have good amount of patience to make him exercise and keep him off calorie foods. Right now as I am listing out this guide, he is out hunting for his prey and is in great shape thanks to the Vet and few good tricks that worked which you will read in a while.

A recent study shows that 50% of the cats in USA suffer from overweight problems. Apart from feeding your cat raw food (which is considered one of the the best) I found these 10 fresh ways provided by Pets Adviser and few actually worked for me.

  • Get another cat – partners in crime: Having another pet means additional responsibility but if you can do it, go for it. Having two cats means your pet has another friend to play with which will keep them busy by playing and chasing around for good long hours. When you bring a new cat to a single adult cat it can prove difficult at times, so start with two if possible. Two kittens are better than one and twice the cuteness.
  • Toys: Cats love toys and love to play around with it for instance elastic hair bands. Few love lasers as well but make sure you don’t point it directly to your pet’s eyes and keep in mind to land the dot where the cat can touch them occasionally. This will also help in giving a sense of satisfaction to the predatory instincts in cats while they “catch the prey” thus avoiding any frustration.
  • Climbing towers: This is a great combo workout as you will be giving them good balance of exercise, focus and balance. Be it a stalking view or the warmth when they reach the ceiling, motivating them to climb is a good idea of healthy exercise.
  • Pinball: A box or a laundry basket can be turned into something of a pinball for your cat by adding wadded up paper ball or plastic ball. You can even use milk bottle caps that perform like toys to bat and bounce off walls.
  • Catnip: Cats can’t get enough them and enjoy playing with toys that zoom around. But note that few cats can react quite aggressively so make sure before you buy a bunch of toys.
  • Feathers: There are toys or wand available with feathers can be quite enticing to cats. You may need to provide the movement, but few cats know how to handle them and love playing with it. Just make sure that the feathers are intact to inhibit your cat from ingesting them.
  • Scratch proof your furniture: If you are planning to buy a cat, be prepared for lot of scratching. Posts or furnitures that are manufactured to resist scratching have lot of benefits and one among them is they can take the punishment of your cat apart from other wear and tear issues. Another benefit is that your cat’s claws stay well maintained as they tone their muscles with every scratch and stretch they make.
  • Go fishing indoors: This is a must-have as it will not only keep you beat stress but also assists in a happy cat. Tie a string to a stick and fix a fake fish toy at the end. Absolutely free and cheap, its entertaining for you as well as your feline. Simply wave them in front of your cat or drag it on the ground for proper playtime.
  • Hide and Seek: You can hide little treats and toys throughout your home. This will raise the curiosity in the cat and look for things to discover. Finding a toy in unexpected places will encourage instant playtime.
  • Puss in the Bag: How many times have you found a cat in your grocery bag? Almost everytime you unload the grocery stuff? My cat loves this. He just jumps right in the grocery bag and lurks around inside till I pull him out. Cats just love fooling around and give them a sense of cover while rattling the items inside. Just make sure you avoid plastic bags as it can suffocate your cat.

Bottomline, these are just few of the tricks that have hands on experience with many feline owners. You can of course infuse your creativity and ideas and try anything under the sky to keep your cat healthy, disease free and live a better life in the years to come.

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