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How I Finally Stopped My Cat From Pooping On My Bed?

I was always a cat lover and used to play with cats when I was a small kid. Maybe this is why I wanted to have a cat of my own. When I was 15 a cat with a slight disability in her right hind limb started visiting our home. Was it my love towards cats or my sympathy towards a disabled living being, I don’t know what, I started feeding her. Slowly she became a regular visitor and finally my favorite pet. I named her ‘Jingle’.

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Jingle was a very intelligent cat I would say. I felt she clearly knew about my daily routines more than me. I feed her in the mornings and evenings when I come back from my college. In the morning she will wait for her share of morning tea preferably milk for her and then a share from my breakfast. In the evening, she is fond of having snacks like me. Dinner is not a must for her and she will be visible only if she is hungry otherwise will be busy with her regular mischief. As we stay near countryside, she can roam around a lot and can catch flies. I used to feed and care Jingle in my own way.

The only thing which I was very specific was that I won’t have Jingle with me in my bed and hence I had made a bed for her under my cot. Her litter box was kept in a space near our bathroom. Normally she will poop outside our house. She will dig a part of the ground in our open compound and do her regular pooping and will fill it with mud. She will use her litter box only at night. Jingle was a very smart cat as I always use to think that she understands my moods and behavior more than anyone at home.

Then nearly after 8 months, Jingle started doing weird things. She will be in my bed when I wake up at night. When I see this I will take her and will put her in her bed. Then much to my shock one night she pooped in my bed. I was very sad and disappointed but helpless. I spend the whole day washing and drying my bed sheets and my bed. I applied air perfume in the room and finally slept in my bed after two days.

For a week or so there was no problem at all. So I forgave Jingle as her first silly mistake. But then the same happened. She had pooped on my bed and this time it was when I was not at home. Slowly these incidences became very often. I was so upset and didn’t know what to do.

Is there any way in which we can make our cat stop the habit of pooping in the bed?

It was then with a very heavy heart I took a firm decision and put Jingle’s bed in the drawing room. I locked my room almost every time. Initially it was very disturbing as Jingle used to cry or meow for hours outside my bedroom. Though at night I ignore her, I used to play and take care of her all other time. After a month or so, I changed it back to normal to give a try. I kept her bed back in my room and kept the door opened during night.

What a change! It was as if Jingle realized her mistake. She behaved like a good loving cat for nearly 10 months and I had almost forgotten that Jingle had this habit of pooping in my bed. Again she started this habit. Why I am saying again because the instances were too many and I had to go back to my earlier hurdles and decisions.

Now I am 45 years old, and I have two daughters. While writing about Jingle I always think about my children. Our children also do so many naughty things and we scold them or punish them. But for how many days will they behave properly. It is the same with pets also. I do miss Jingle.

Jingle and her ways were really very interesting and hence let me come up with some of her other mannerisms like how she goes through her pregnancy days, her delivery, her kitten care and much more.

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