Hairball gold is a natural liquid which has an oil base and it helps to manage hairball problems in cats. This product is purely made of plant based ingredients which have high mucilage content. Since mucilage is naturally viscous, it will help easy elimination of hairballs through normal bowel movements without hurting the stomach. This smooth action will help your cat to have a healthy digestive system free of unwanted materials and make your pet feel comfortable. Most of the cats get irritated and fussy when they have an indigestion problem due to unwanted particles that have entered their stomach. This is really an annoying situation which will ruin your cat’s normal life, so why not try this Hairball Gold for cats to overcome such problems.

Everything you need to know about Hairball Gold for Cats

Hairball gold uses

Cats like grooming themselves a lot and as a result of that, they keep licking their fur which leads to ingestion of hair into their stomach. This hair needs to be eliminated and excreted through the stool as it cannot be broken down or digested like edible items. When hair gets collected in the gastrointestinal tract it either accumulates there or passes out through bowel movements. The accumulated hairs sometimes do not pass out due to low moisture and lubrication inside the stomach. In such cases, the cat might try to vomit and in most of the cases, it might get stuck in the midway making it more uncomfortable for your pet. It will constantly try to heave up until the hair mass comes out.

Such conditions will make the cats life miserable so in order to prevent such situations include a diet which contains enough moisture content or fiber. Also make sure to brush and clean your cat regularly so that you can reduce the amount of hair that gets ingested. But most of the time, these remedies won’t work well so expert veterinarians have come up with this unique product called as Hairball Gold to make your cats life simple. Hairball gold for cats will help to lubricate the digestive tract making it easier for the hair mass to pass away easily rather than getting piled up. Hairball gold can be used on a daily basis for those cats that have long hair and have a habit of grooming themselves very often. You can also use it occasionally when you see you cat trying to forcibly cough or heave up to expel the hairball.

Hairball Gold

Ingredients used in Hairball Gold for Cats

  • Slippery Elm inner bark: The name itself suggest about its slippery nature as its powdered bark is said to have a slimy texture which helps to provide comfort and lubrication to the epithelial lining of the throat and food pipe. Slippery elm is said to have a sweet taste which helps to ease digestion problems.
  • Marshmallow root: this herb contains ample amount of viscous content which helps the throat, lungs and digestive tract to function properly.
  • Triphala blend: It’s a blend of few herbs formulated by Ayurvedic medicine and it helps the gastrointestinal tract to function normally by eliminating wastes without producing loose stools.
  • Aloe Vera leaf: It leaves a soothing and cooling effect inside the gastrointestinal tract and aloe is already known for its viscous texture which will help to repair the stomach and its lining.
  • Chamomile flower: Chamomile helps to calm the nerves and also provides comfort to the stomach.
  • Licorice root: this herb helps to produce acids inside the stomach which will aid in digestion and helps to maintain normal bowel movements.
  • Ginger root: It helps to get relief from nausea and other digestion related issues. This herb is used by the Asians for centuries to treat digestive disorders.

Apart from these herbs an oil base called MCT( medium chain triglyceride) is used.

Hairball Gold for Cats manufacturing and its highlights

This product is manufactured by which was founded in 2001 and their main aim is to bring expert solutions and care to the pets around the world. They have a batch of holistic veterinarians who vigorously undertake research activities to find out new methods and remedies for various problems faced by pets. Hairball gold for cats is a unique product designed by them after considering all the factors a cat faces. Hairball gold for cats is manufactured in an FDA registered facility under all standards and quality. They make use of herbs which are ethically and organically grown. All the herbs are extracted in such a way that they do not lose their potency and healing powers. Hairball gold is finer quality product and it is covered by a 90 day money back guarantee offer. This company mainly aims customer satisfaction through making the life of pets easier and happier.

Dosage of Hairball Gold for Cats:

When a cat suffers from active episodes of hairball problem then use this product four times daily. A pet under 15 lbs weight should be given .25 ml of hairball gold and those over 15 lbs should be given 5 ml only.

In case of a general maintenance routine, administer this product twice daily, 2 days per week. The weight requirements and amount of drops to be given are same as that of the active episode.

Precautions that are to be taken while using Hairball Gold for Cats

This product is safe to be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. While using this product,if the situation worsens or does not get better then immediately contact your vet specialist. While on other medications, using hairball gold can cause slower absorption of other drugs. Use this product with caution when steroid treatments are undertaken. It would always be a good idea to talk to your vet before using hairball gold.

Conclusion: Cats are wonderful pets who help us relive from our tension and stress with their playful attitudes but at times they tend to be snobby. Always pay good attention to your cat’s problems like the one discussed above and act immediately as such problems might be life threatening in rare cases. So make use of this herbal remedy and put your cat at ease.