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Digestrex (H2O – IONX)

H2O-IONX is completely safe homeopathic product that will help your pets to be free from digestive problems.

What Are The Most Common Digestion Problems Among The Pets?

Like in humans, pets do suffer from some of the digestion problems. The common ones faced by them are diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, upset in stomach, belching, offensive stools. Dry mouth, abnormal thirst and foul breath. But like in humans, they may not be able to convey how they feel or the discomfort that they are suffering from. Hence a contiguous observation is necessary if your pet is showing any of the above digestive problems.

How Is H2O-Ionx Going To Help My Pet From Digestive Problems?

H2O-IONX is completely safe homeopathic product that will help your pets to be free from digestive problems. This is a natural homeopathic product that will cause no risk to them and is designed in such a way to use it for the best relief from diarrhea, excess flatulence, constipation and abdominal pain. H2O-IONX is a liquid kind medicine which helps in quick relief from almost all the digestive tract problems. Similar to human beings the animals do face the problem of flatulence, stomach upset, belching and constipation. For all the pet lovers , H2O –IONX is a best solution for relief.

Directions To Use H2O-IONX

You can use a plastic dropper to dispense the H20 –IONX solution to the your pets mouth. While dispensing this homeopathic medicine, see to it that it doesn’t touch it any of the mouth areas. If touched, clean thoroughly with water. You can also put the solution in a non metallic bowls.

HOW MUCH WILL ONE BOTTLE OF H20-IONX CONTAIN? Each bottle will contain 4oz of homeopathic solution.

WILL THERE BE ANY SIDE EFFECTS WHILE USING H2O-IONX: This product being a homeopathic one, this will help in solving out the root cause. Dealing the root cause will help in solving not only the symptoms but also the disease.

CAN THIS BE USED IN ALL AGES OF CATS? This product is safe for all age of cats.

HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? This product will last for one month if your dog weighs below 90 lb

GUARANTEE OF H20-IONX: This product comes with 60 days promise.

IS THERE ANY OFFERS AVAILABLE ON H2O-IONX? There are many options available in the officially website – when you buy two bottles of H20-IONX you can save $19.98 for per bottle and get it for $ 39.95. when you buy 3 bottles of H2O-IONX, you can get one bottle absolutely free. You can save $76.95 in this offer.

DETAILS ON SHIPPING OF THE PRODUCT: This product is shipped world wide. For domestic shipping, $6.95. $14.95 is charged for international shipping. Shipping can vary in bottle size and in the product quality and shipping options available.

IS MY ONLINE ORDER SAFE? Ordering this product through official website is completely safe. Log on to – www.vetrionx.com and be safe in ordering your product.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: The staff members of vetionx is happy to answer your calls at 1.866.977.0888(USA) 1.616.977.8500 (international) the calls will be answered from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and sat 10am to 2 pm( EST). You can also fax to 1.616.825.6157

Precautions While Using H2O-IONX

  • Do not keep this product open for a longer period of time.
  • Keep this H20-IONX, away from reach of children.
  • It would be always better to determine the weight of the cat, before determining the dose.
  • If your pet is already under a medication for digestive problem , do not replace it using H20-IONX.

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