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Gumz-n-Teeth – Herbal Dental Care Remedy For Cats

Even cats suffer from dental problems. But they are good at hiding their pain, the cat owners often do not recognize their difficulties in this line. A regular dental check up is called for. Additionally if there is a daily supplement like the Gumz-n-Teeth, then the owners can rest assured that their cats have healthy gums and teeth, and healthier bones as well.

The cats may have bad breath, gum swellings and inflammation, tooth decay, inflammation on the mouth lining, ulcers etc are common dental problems seen in cats. Gumz-n-Teeth is a natural remedy that can support the dental and bone health in cats. It can promote the teeth health and firmer gums in cats along with boosting of the natural immune system. A strong immune system is needed to avoid inflammation and ulcers in the cat mouth.

Gumz-n-Teeth contain ingredients that can strengthen the bone health. This product can be therapeutic as well as preventive. It is a great helping hand to the cats to have better protection aginst the microorganism that cause tooth decay and bad breath.

PetAlive Gumz-n-Teeth

How do Gumz-n-Teeth act?

  • Spirulina in the Gumz-n-Teeth is the greatest asset. It contains chlorophyll and either nutrients that helps strengthen the gums. It makes the vitamin A available for the body. it is this vitamin that is important for bones and teeth. The proteins, minerals and other vitamins also take part in the health improvement of the cat. It promotes dental health. Research shows that Spirulina can even prevent mouth cancer.
  • Horsetail is another herb with lots of silica to maintain the bones and teeth. It also helps a healthy skin and fur in the cats. The skin improvement is also seen in the gum health. It is a natural tissue healer effective in the cure of inflammation and mouth ulcers. The silica content strengthens the nerves cells and spinal cord of the cat so that it can show better resistance to diseases.
  • Dandelion also contains many vitamins and minerals that are important to the dental health, digestion, and immunity. In Gumz-n-Teeth it helps reduce the oral inflammations.

The combined efforts of these ingredients ensure that there are less infections, inflammations, and bacterial growth inside the cat’s mouth. With proper digestion and dental health, the bad breath in cats will be history.

How to use Gumz-n-Teeth

Gumz-n-Teeth are capsules. Open the capsule and transfer the contents in one half into the food of the cat twice daily. This herbal preparation is completely safe with a few precautionary measures.

Do not administer Gumz-n-Teeth for more than 6 weeks in case the cat has any microchip implant. Precaution is also applicable to pregnant and nursing cats as well. There are no known side effects for this product, so far. In case the cat shows any discomfort stop the usage.

Gumz-n-Teeth are a natural remedy and might take its time to start showing improvement. Only regular usage can be judged. This product can be used as a single health product or in association with other supplements. It is safe to use it for longer duration even after the cat showing improvement in its dental health.

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