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Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray For Cats

Bitter Apple Spray

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Chewing habit in dogs is quite common but it is not in cats. Cats that chew more on anything that they can reach are too bored in their life. It just makes a habit out of them. No matter what the object is, like leaves, plants, or furniture, they try to chew on it making more damage. Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray is one of the coolest solutions for this problem. The Bitter Apple Spray contains bitter principles that discourage the cats from chewing on to the surface it is sprayed on. The cats would hesitate to lick, chew, bite, or gnaw those surfaces.

About Bitter Apple Spray

Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray is made with isopropanol (20%), water, bitter extractives, and principles. These ingredients make a deterrent will prevent the cats from fur biting, chewing the hairs and hot spots.

Bitter Apple Spray is available in a 4 oz bottle. It comes in spray able bottle that also has a dabber top to dab on to the intended surfaces. It can be applied even on bandages, healing wounds also, to prevent the feline from scratching it open again.

The taste of Bitter Apple Spray

The Bitter Apple Spray leaves an unpleasant taste but that is what it is made for. The taste is supposed to be foul to repel the cats. But ironically some cats seem to like the taste of it making this product a failure for some, but that’s a rarity.

The bitter spray can be applied on curtains, indoor plants where the cats chew on, linens and even the sofa or side table. The motto is to keep things saved from the feline chewing and biting. That is done by the Bitter Apple Spray without creating any harm to the cats or the surfaces it is applied to.

As a precaution, try a small amount on part of the furniture before applying generously on it. The same goes with the linens and leaves as well. Diluting a little can also be tried.

What about safety?

Bitter Apple Spray is safe for the cats. There is no harmful chemical in it. it is suitable for all cats, young kittens or older kitties, it is safe with all of them. Young kittens do have the tendency to chew on the electrical cords and Bitter Apple Spray will help them get rid of this habit. Apply this spray on to the cords that will keep the kittens away from danger.

How to use Bitter Apple Spray

Before using, shake the bottle well. Spray it on to the cleaned surface. It is safe for using on the cat’s coat as well. If necessary reapply it after a few hours. The dauber top comes handy to apply it over the electrical cords.

Mixing a little of the bitter spray in a small quantity of water and immersing the cord in this solution and keeping the ends above, will also suffice. After taking it out, allow the cord to be air dried.

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