Diabetes In Cats

GlucoEnsure – Supports Glucose Levels in Cats

Maintaining the normal blood glucose level in cats is important and also difficult. The modern diet is risky to develop fluctuation in the normal glucose level. There are natural ways in this management.

GlucoEnsure is an herbal combination that helps maintain the already normal blood sugar levels in cats. The components in this herbal preparation will support the pancreatic health and can act as tonic to improve the general health and immunity. By using GlucoEnsure a cat owner no longer has to fear about high blood sugar and weak immunity in their cats. This is especially helpful for obese cats that are at the verge of diabetic risk.

GlucoEnsure from PetAlive

GlucoEnsure ingredients

  • Bilberry has natural compounds that can stimulate the production of insulin. The normal insulin production keeps the blood sugar levels normal. It is helpful for cats that are in the borderline diabetes. It improves the vision in cats along with speedy tissue healing and circulatory issues that are commonly associated with high sugar levels.
  • Chromium picolinate improves the effectiveness of insulin. Sometimes the insulin may not be able to perform what it is expected to. Presence of chromium will ensure that it works well and a normal glucose level is maintained in cats.
  • Goar’s rue is added in GlucoEnsure to improve the pancreatic health. It is the pancreas that produces the hormone insulin. By improving the pancreatic health the insulin production is also assured.
  • Fenugreek has natural anti-diabetic properties. This is effectively used in maintaining the normal glucose range in cats. It has some amino acids that act similar to insulin. It is also effective when the body shows insulin resistance and there is a resultant high blood sugar.
  • Huang qi is the common Astragalus which has immune stimulating property and can also regulate the metabolism and blood glucose levels in cats.
  • Rice powder is an inactive ingredient.

Uses of GlucoEnsure

GlucoEnsure can improve the general health of both pancreas and liver. Both these organs are important in the metabolic process of the cat body. A slow metabolism may increase the blood sugar level. GlucoEnsure ensures a speedy metabolism and normal activity of the concerned organs.

Pancreas will produce enough insulin which is the most important factor in blood glucose management. GlucoEnsure not only helps in the production of insulin but also aids in the healthy distribution of this hormone in the bloodstream.

The blood circulation is also improved, which adds to the cardiovascular health. The immunity and digestive systems are also supported with regular use of GlucoEnsure. The general energy levels are also boosted with regular use of GlucoEnsure.

Please note that GlucoEnsure is not a remedy for high blood glucose levels in cats, but is useful to maintain the normal glucose range.

Using GlucoEnsure

The normal dosage of GlucoEnsure is ½ capsules twice a day. The GlucoEnsure capsules can be opened and the contents are mixed with the cat food. It must be used regularly to get the optimum results. It is safe to use in all cats. It has no drug interaction so can be used in conjunction with other prescribed medications.

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