Cures for Cat Eye infection

Have you ever seen your cat suffering from eye infections? Well, cats are the most anxious creatures I have ever seen. They sneak their nose and eyes everywhere. Even I have one – Pomy, who has always been the official investigating officer at our home, hahahaha… He is very suspicious about everything. Having sensitive eyes, he winks and shows some strange facial expressions when there is something unusual thing near his eyes.

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Each time I see him doing weird things, I take him to the vet. If there isn’t any physical damage to his eyes, there is a good chance your cat has eye infection of some kind. I was aware of it only after 2,3 times of vet visit. If you find anything suspicious in your cat’s behaviour or eyes, take him to the vet.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Cat Eye Infection

Many of us are unaware of the symptoms our cat does when he is having an eye infection. So from now on if you find any of these following symptoms in your cat, you can be assured that he is having eye infection.

  • squinting
  • excessive blinking
  • pawing at it’s eyes
  • swollen, crusty or red eyelids and eyes
  • cloudy iris
  • watery, reddish or green discharge in both eyes or just a single eye.

If the cat winks at you, don’t think it’s something cute. Take a closer look. Cats are quiet good at hiding any discomfort, so you will hardly hear them complain. If the white portion of your cat’s eye has turned red, it could be one of the symptoms of an infection. Inflammation of the eyes is another sign of cat eye infection. You can see excessive tearing, pain and photo-sensitivity as one of the symptoms of eye infection in cats.

If it’s a simple eye infection, then it’s easy to manage with the home remedies but if it’s a bacterial infection, the vet will prescribe for antibiotics.

Eye Infection In Cats – Types

Basically, there are two types of eye infection in cats – viral and bacterial. Viral infections are usually unaffected by antibiotics and that’s why ointments and drops are prescribed. Both viral and bacterial infections are usually present in cats who have a weakened immune system.

Homemade Remedies For Feline Eye Infections

  • There are really no home remedies that can actually help your kitty get rid of eye infections, but it can actually help your cat feel more comfortable at home. Follow these simple home remedies to keep your cat safe from eye infections.
  • Apply a warm wash cloth to get rid of the discharge from the eye. Using a baby wipe or anything similar to that will also do the job.
  • Clean the eye with a soft piece of cotton wool and free it from the discharge. Do not clean over the eye, just around it. Do this as needed.
  • Cats with watery discharge can be treated at home by applying a moist warm tea bag (just plain tea) to the eyes. The tea bag should be held against the eye for a few minutes.
  • You can use simple sterile saline solution as a temporary measure to clean your cat’s eyes and give relief.
  • The results were found success when some cat owners tried this natural remedy for cat eye infection. Rub one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar on their neck. I know this might sound weird, but it has actually worked well for many cats.

Although these homemade remedies can help your cat get relief from infections, it is best to have a vet take a look at the eyes, if any of these home remedies do not seem to work within 24 hours.