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GenOne Otic Solution 15ml

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GenOne Otic Solution is a solution formulated for treating acute and chronic conditions of canine otitis externa and canine and feline superficial infested lesions in animals. It is known to be an effective product which can be used in cats too. The presence of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic properties makes this solution an effective product for treating all diseases or infections caused by bacteria sensitive to gentamicin in cats.

The GenOne Otic Solution is also available in the following quantity:

  • GenOne Otic Solution 7.5 ml
  • GenOne Otic Solution 15 ml
  • GenOne Otic Solution 240 ml

Each milliliter of the GenOne Otic Solution contains gentamicin sulfacte which is equivalent to 3 mg of gentamicin base. It also contains betamethasone valerate which is equivalent to 1 mg of betamethosone.

GenOne Otic Solution – Dosage and Administration

The dosage levels and administrations are prescribed by your vet depending on the intensity of the condition suffered by the cat. See to it that these instructions are followed as per to get the best results.

For problems of otitis externa, the external portion of the ear and the ear canal should be cleaned well and properly dried before the treatment of GenOne Otic Solution is done. The excessive hair present in the area where the treatment is to be done should be trimmed and the dirt, debris, crusted exudates and other unwanted materials present in the external ears should be removed. The GenOne Otic Solution being a non-irritating solution is apt for all these. Dosage – 3 to 8 drops of the GenOne Otic Solution should be poured into the ear canal of the cat for two times a day. You can repeat this process for 7 to 14 days.

Now for problems of Superficial infected lesions, similarly the excessive hair present in the ear canal should be trimmed and also the prospering cleansing should be done of the lesion and the adjacent area of the ears of the cat. The right dosage prescribed by your vet should be taken and the applied onto the treatment area. This process can be repeated for two times a day for around 7 to 14 days.

The duration of the treatment depends on how long it will take the symptoms to subside. But do not stop the treatment immediately, instead it can be reduced.

GenOne Otic Solution – Cautions and Precautions

  • If the cat has suffered from any ruptured tympanic membrane problems then ask your vet before you give the GenOne Otic Solution to your cat.
  • During this treatment if there are any signs of hearing or vestibular dysfunction observed, then immediately discontinue the usage and consult your vet immediately.
  • If any problems of hypersensitivity is faced by the cats, then discontinue the treatment and consult your vet.
  • Parenteral corticosteroids should not be administered along with the use of GenOne Otic Solution for cats.
  • Adrenocorticosteriod should never be overdosaged as it may produce adverse immunosuppressive effects like sodium retention, potassium loss, fluid retention, weight gains, polydipsia and even polyuria.
  • In cases of endogenous steroid production, the treatment should be stopped.

GenOne Otic Solution – Warnings

The presence of corticosteroids is not good for cats who are either pregnant or in the nursing stage. This is because the first stage of parturition is administered especially during the final trimester of the pregnancy and this will in turn lead to premature parturition that can cause serious side effects like dystocia, fetal death, retained placenta and even metritis.
These corticosteroids can also affect the babies apart from the mothers. It can cause cleft palates, deformed forelegs, phocomelia and anasarca in the offspring’s.

The GenOne Otic Solution should never be ingested.

GenOne Otic Solution – Side Effects

These are some side effects faced by cats that have used the GenOne Otic Solution:

  • Some cats experience SAP and SGPT enzyme elevations.
  • Stomach upsets are common side effects with cats suffering from vomiting or diarrheas. Extreme cases of vomiting and diarrhea are reported in some cats with the occurrence of blood too.
  • Because of the parental or systemic synthetic corticosteroids, some cats face problems of weight loss. There are severe cases where the cats become anorexic and face problems like polydipsia or polyuria.
  • Due to the repeated steroid therapy there are problems of Cushing and rsquos faced by some cats.
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