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Frontline Plus For Cats

Frontline PLUS for Cats – 3 MONTH

Frontline Plus For Cats is a product for controlling and preventing the attacks of fleas. The fleas and ticks attacks can be prevented with 18 to 48 hours. This product is manufactured by Merial and is one of its registered trademark.

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Apart from stopping and preventing the infestations, the Frontline Plus For Cats can kill and prevent all types of fleas and all types of ticks. It can eliminate the infestations with the chewing lice and also controls the sarcoptic mange infestations. This is a fact acting, long-lasting and waterproof product that can use on your cats.

The Frontline Plus For Cats works in a way that the constituents of Fipronil and S Methoprene interacts and targets all stages of fleas. Fipronil are good for collecting the oils in the skin and hair follicles whereas the S Methoprene acts as a insect growth regulator.

Frontline Plus For Cats – Application and Control

The application and control of the Frontline Plus For Cats are mentioned for controlling fleas, tick and chewing lice.

  • Fleas – For controlling fleas, the Frontline Plus For Cats should be used on a monthly basis. This helps in breaking the life cycle of the flea and also kills all types of fleas like adult fleas, flea eggs and even flea larvae. This medicine can control fleas up to 3 months. If you are doubtful of the reinfestations of the flea attacks or flea allergy dermatitis taking place then you must continue to apply this solution once every month.
  • Ticks – For controlling ticks, the Frontline Plus For Cats should be applied once a month. It works its effects by killing the ticks for at least one month.
  • Chewing lice – For controlling chewing lice attacks on the cat, the Frontline Plus For Cats should be used once a month or as per prescribed by your vet. This solution can kill the chewing lice for at least once a month.

The Frontline Plus For Cats should not be applied for 30 days.

Frontline Plus For Cats – Directions of Use

The dosage levels may vary depending on the severity of the conditions and even the size and requirement of each cat. The dosage and administrations should be strictly followed to get optimum results. The directions of use are mentioned as follows:

  • Take one applicator from the Frontline Plus For Cats package.
  • Now cut off or lift off the plastic tab of the package. This will expose the foil which can be peeled down.
  • The applicator should be holding upright in such a way that the tip of the applicator is away from your face or body.
  • The Frontline Plus solution should be applied onto the skin of the cat for which the hair should be parted well. You can apply it onto the skin between shoulder blades of the cat.
  • Once the tip touches the skin, you can squeeze the applicator and gently allow for the solution to be applied on a single spot on the cat’s skin.

Frontline Plus For Cats – Side Effects

The use of any pesticide product can lead to individual sensitivities and the Frontline Plus For Cats is no different. Sensitivities are a common side effect of the Frontline Plus For Cats. this occurs very rarely but must be treated before it gets worse.

Another side effect is the irritation. As the Frontline Plus For Cats is applied onto the skin of the cat, there are chances of skin irritations to occur. If these irritations persist then immediately seek medical help.

Frontline Plus For Cats – Cautions

  • The Frontline Plus For Cats is only for animal use and should not be used in humans. It should definitely be kept out of the reach of children.
  • The Frontline Plus For Cats should be used on puppies that have an age of less than 8 weeks.

The Frontline Plus For Cats is also available in the following quantities:

  • Frontline Plus For Cats 3 Doses
  • Frontline Plus For Cats 6 Doses
  • Frontline Plus For Cats 12 Doses

This product is also available in two more variations for cats:

  • Frontline Spray
  • Frontline Plus For Cats for cats and kitten 8 weeks or older
  • Frontline Plus For Cats up to 22 lbs
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 lbs Blue box
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs 45-88 lbs Purple box
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs 89-132 lbs Red box
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