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Feline friends are naughty little ones that hang around each part of the house due to their inquisitive nature just like human kids do. They just run around here and there discovering new things which come in their way with full of enthusiasm.

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If you have a feline friend at home you need to take care of certain things to keep your buddy happy and healthy. So read further to get few tips to take care of your feline in a better way.

  • Give proper attention to its feeding routine and what you feed. It would be better to consult a vet and make a list of things that you can probably feed her or him. Do not make him or her pick leftovers from the dining space and especially make your kids understand and tell them not to throw leftovers to the cat as it may upset their digestive system.
  • Make them drink plenty of water regularly so that they do not get dehydrated. Water is a must to maintain their skin and coat in a healthy way.
  • Rearrange your home in a specific way like removing breakable items like vases and stuffs so that your cat does not get hold of it or break it and in the process get hurt. Cats are inquisitive creatures so they would surely climb around to find out things that they find interesting.
  • Do not use sprays and pesticides when your cat is around as it may cause serious health issues to your feline friend unlike us human beings.
  • If you’re feline is small and less than six months then keep feeding it regularly as it requires more energy for its growing needs. So try to keep some feline snacks in a plate where the cat can access easily.
  • Say no to cow’s milk as far as felines are concerned. It is a commonly held notion that cats love milk and its good for their health but in reality cow’s milk is not good for a feline’s health as it may upset the digestive tract. So do not feed your cat with cow’s milk or any other liquid other than water.
  • Make sure to give your feline good oil massage once in a week so that it can have a healthy skin and coat. You can use coconut oil for this purpose and also make sure to shampoo it off after sometime.
  • Get some time from your busy schedule and play along with the cat to make it active and healthy rather than just feeding it and making it a couch potato.
  • Get home a cat carrier as it a must for everyone who owns a cat so that they can control the cat while travelling or doing some hazardous work at home.

Conclusion: Cats are brilliant creatures with gleaming eyes that can sweep our feet with their cuteness and inquisitiveness. Pay attention to their routines and behavior to take care of them well.

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