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Fluconazole Acetate – Diflucan For Cats Fungal Infection

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Fluconazole Acetate – Diflucan is an antifungal product that is widely used to kill the fungus attacks and to cure the fungal infections faced by the cats. It is known to be an effective antifungal medicine that can even treat the yeast infections occurred in the body of the cat. Dermatological disorders formulated on the skin of the cats like ringworm are also provided relief with the help of Fluconazole Acetate – Diflucan. It is also known to promote the effective and efficient working of the central nervous system.

Working of Fluconazole Acetate – Diflucan

The Fluconazole Acetate – Diflucan works in a way that the organisms that causes the yeast infections and promotes the formation of the enzymes production on the walls of the cells of the cat are killed. That is the problem is cleared from its root. The membrane walls of the cat is made up of lanosterol which later gets converted into a substance called ergosterol. When this ergosterol substance is less on in the cells, the cat’s cellular walls get damaged. That is, it gets weakened and leaked which will affect the cat is drastic ways. Sometime it can even lead to the death of the cat. But he Fluconazole Acetate –Diflucan is so effective that this problem is not caused as this medication once absorbed with start doing its performance within two hours.

The dosage and administration should be done strictly according to what is mentioned in the product manual. The directions of use should all be followed rightly to get the best results.

Side Effects of Fluconazole Acetate – Diflucan

There are some side effects reported against Fluconazole Acetate –Diflucan. Some of these side effects or drug reactions are less severe and are common types of side effects. There is also some more severe kind, but these are very rare.

Less Severe Side effects

More Severe Side effects

  • Liver failure is a severe type of side effect which can lead to other severe symptoms like jaundice or discoloration of the urine. That is, normal the urine color will be very dark and you must be careful when this dark color occurs.
  • Problems of anemia or rashes are faced by some cats.
  • There are also reports of cats that have experienced pale tongue, gum or nose.

Warnings and Precautions of Fluconazole Acetate – Diflucan

  • Fluconazole is dangerous for those dogs who are suffering from a liver or kidney disease.
  • Any other drugs or medications which include Amphotericin B, Cyclosporine, Hydrochlorothisazide or Rifampin as ingredients should not be given in combination with this medication. This is because drug interactions might take place which will affect the cat in drastic ways.
  • It is strictly advised to not give this medication to those cats who are either pregnant or in the breeding or nursing stage.

The Fluconazole Acetate –Diflucan is also available in the following quantities:

  • 50 mg per tablet
  • 100 mg per tablet
  • 200 mg per tablet

Once the condition of your cat is diagnosed, you vet will prescribe the right amount of quantity required for your cat to cure its condition.

You can place an order for the Fluconazole Acetate – Diflucan for your cats right away by clicking on the following link:

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