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Feliway Pheromone Spray

Feliway Spray (60 mL)

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Feliway pheromone spray contains the synthetic analogue of the facial pheromones from cats. These facial pheromones are a mode of controlling the cat’s behavior under stress and in marking its area and things. It is these pheromones that help the cats make its surroundings familiar. The unknown places, new people, and things are all cause for stress. It is also difficult to keep the felines calm when going for vet’s visits, in a household with many cats, traveling and the newer environment.

What does Feliway pheromone spray contain?

The Feliway pheromone spray is made with 10% synthetic analogue of the feline facial pheromones and 90% ethanol. The formula is a copy of the facial pheromones secreted by the facial glands in cats. These pheromones confirm the surfaces or places it is applied as the cat’s territory.

Feliway pheromone spray is available in bottles of two sizes, a 20 ml bottle, and a bigger 219 ml professional sized bottle.

Benefits of Feliway pheromone spray

Feliway pheromone spray, when sprayed on the surfaces and objects that the cats frequent most and like most, will stop them from urine mark it. Urine marking is spraying a little of its urine on its favorites to make it its territory. By spraying the Feliway on those things will make them familiar with the cats and they stop urine marking. It also makes a sense of familiarity especially in a new home, place or in a vehicle.

Feliway Pheromone Spray Usage instructions

Feliway pheromone spray is not to spray on to the cats but on to the surfaces and objects. Keep the bottle upright and at a distance of 4-8 inches away from the intended surface and spray directly. Repeat the spraying daily until the cat start facial marking or by rubbing its face to the surfaces. Maintenance dose is applied every week after that.

The Feliway pheromone spray makes the cats calm and the tendency to scratch and urine marking will be reduced slowly. Some cats show the immediate response to this and some may take a while. Continue applying Feliway pheromone spray until the cats start facial marking everything instead of urine marking.

In a house with many cats the Feliway pheromone spray must be sprayed 2-3 times a day. For elderly cats the use of this Feliway spray must be continued for 45 days and then once in 2-3 days.

On the objects, the use of Feliway pheromone spray should be once a day. In the marked areas, it can be as recommended.

To stop scratching, spray the objects and areas once a day until the cats start doing facial marking. Since scratching is a way of their expressing their nervousness, the Feliway spray stops the urge to scratch and when the pheromone like compounds make the area familiar to them.

Additional Tips

  • Do not clean the marked areas and sites with harsh chemicals like bleach and likes. Cleaning with these chemicals will only force the cats to urine mark it again.
  • For familiarizing the cats to its new places or vehicle have a generous spray in the place where the cat will be during the travel, at least 20 minutes prior to its entry. For boarding spray at all 4 corners of the cattery accommodation and in the car 3-4 sprays where it is going to sit.
  • Always shake the bottle well before every use.
  • The liquid inside the bottle is inflammable so keep it away from heat and fire.
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