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Feliway diffuser wall plugi n is the easiest way to help the cats be familiar with any new area, places and even during travel to keep them calm and de-stressed. Any new thing will make them nervous and they will be difficult to handle. With the Feliway diffuser, the scent it sends will help the cats calm and composed.

Felines have a way of getting familiar with the people and things around. Have you noticed that the cats rub their nose against their favorite things? It is their way of ‘marking’ their own things and areas that are familiar to them. They secrete a hormone named facial pheromones and apply it over the rubbed surface. The scent of this hormone helps calm the cats as they will be familiar with the scent and the thing it is attached to. The lack of this hormone will be something new to them and they panic too easily for comfort. They may scratch, show behavioral disorders, nervousness and anxiety.

What is Feliway Diffuser?

Feliway diffuser wall plug in is an electric device that constantly emits the cat hormone pheromone-like compounds into the air to help them be familiar and stay calm. This hormone is important to avoid appetite disorders and panics in felines. The similar compound also has the same effect as the real hormone. These hormones convey the well being and calm. By mimicking the hormones, owners will get a chance to calm the cats under stressful conditions and in new or unfavorable conditions for them. The easy to plug in Feliway diffuser can be used at home, cars and is handy while traveling.

Feliway Diffuser Ingredients

Feliway liquid is composed of the synthetic analogue of the feline facial hormone. It is added only 2% in every 100gms. The hormone is naturally produced by the glands around the mouth, chin, cheeks, or forehead of the cats. The same configuration of compounds is synthetically made (F3 fraction of the hormone) to attract the cats and make them feel at home, no matter where it is.

Feliway diffuser Usage directions

Using the Feliway diffuser is simple. Unscrew the vial cap and inset its mouth into the grid inside the wall plug. Screw in tightly. Plug in the diffuser device into the electric socket and switch it on. Switch on the Feliway diffuser wall plug in at least one hour prior to the cat’s entry into the area. The hormone compounds will be diffused within an area of 500-650 sq ft. one bottle of the diffuser is enough for a month. The diffused compounds will reduce the urine marking, scratching, appetite problems, and other behavioral changes in the cats

Feliway diffuser availability

One vial has 48 ml of liquid in it. The pack comes with one diffuser and one vial in it. refill packs are also available for purchase. Refill packs are available with single vials or in packs of 3 or 6 vials together.

Cautionary Notes

  • Always plug the diffuser in an open area.
  • Do not keep it behind any furniture.
  • The synthetic liquid is good for only 4 weeks. Any unused liquid after this time period should be discarded.
  • Do not touch the device with any metal objects while it is plugged in and switched on.
  • The diffuser is only meant for the Feliway vial and not to be used for any other purpose.

Concluding Notes

Feliway diffuser is a highly useful device that can be used whenever necessary. The effect stays for a few hours. It can be used anytime when you are expecting a guest, returning from anywhere, vacation, crowded party going on, or even a small change in the furniture arrangement.

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