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If you are a living thing and basically survive on food then digestive problem is a common issue that will poke its nose some or the other time. Being a caretaker of a naughty kitty and a dog I really get pissed off most of time due to the way they eat anything and everything only to get a tornado feeling in their stomach.

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Seriously my dog is pretty better and easy to handle unlike my kitty named Easter but my son calls her pester due to her decent behavior. I have heard that dogs eat literally anything that they find in their path but cats are finicky creatures when it comes to food. I guess my cat is an odd one out and so is my dog as they behave the other way round. My canine Julie is very choosy and does not eat unwanted stuffs but pester she jumps into every single bit of food that my son throws into her plate.

My son is just 7 years old and it’s really difficult to control him every time or keep an eye on Easter as both are equally naughty. Last year during Thanksgiving Eve it was my son’s birthday bash too so I cooked all the food according to his demand and steer cleared the dining room for the kids to enjoy. By the time I came back my well kept dining room was like a garbage bin and not to mention I found my kitty licking the leftovers from the party.

Damn that night I and hubby had a tough time handling the kitty with pee pads, continuous diarrhea and vomiting. We took her to the vet as it was kind of an emergency and we hardly knew any natural remedies that could work for the time being. The vet gave some meds and for a few days we were asked to give her plenty of fluids so that she can cope with the dehydration that has occurred. It took a few days for her to get over the whole diarrhea episode and for us too.

Easter had digestive issues from the time I adopted her and generally it would go and come but never had this much trouble like she had during my son’s birthday.

You won’t believe my son had actually fed her up with ice cream, pizza scraps, fried chicken strips and a piece of bread soaked up with mayonnaise. My son was crying all the while and telling all these when we were hurrying up to the vet. There is no point in scolding kids but it is better to make them understand such issues if pets are around. I got this valuable lesson and now my son knows what to do and what not to. After that whole indigestion and vet appointments I myself decided to take things in hand by gathering knowledge about natural remedies that work for indigestion in cats and natural medications that might lend a hand. I generally hate the idea of buying antibiotics and drugs for most of the ailments unless necessary so if you also share the same opine then read ahead.

Have a cat and want to know how to deal with such issues, below is some valuable info regarding the same:

Here’s what you should avoid and teach your kids not to feed such items to cats or any pets in general

  • Processed meats like sausages, meats, fried chicken, fried fishes and similar items
  • Ice creams and sweet stuffs no matter how much you cats loves to have them
  • Creamy sauces and gravies like mayonnaise!! It’s not made for them after all.
  • Refrigerated food longer than 3 days. Don’t be lazy so feed some fresh food.
  • Food kept in room temperature longer than five hours.
  • Over feeding. Give only that much what your cat requires for a healthy life and not what you want to feed.
  • Feeding leftovers from your plates.
  • Fried snacks

The digestive system is a complex system which consist of stomach were the food is piled up and later on the liver, pancreas and intestines do the rest of the job. Every assigned enzyme and on the job bacteria’s work together to process the food batches into energy and waste materials.

When the above process runs smoothly the cat will have a great health as all the systems are functioning properly. If not then you can sense loss of hunger in your cat, bad breath, lethargy and loose or runny stools. Sometimes you can also find constipation, flatulence and inflammatory bowel disease along with puking problems. But do not worry or be disheartened as all these problems don’t stay permanently. They will resolve sooner or later with the help of proper nutrition and additional supplements.

Symptoms of digestive disorders that might help you to find out about your cats well being

  • Excessive vomiting and weight loss as an after effect
  • Diarrhea
  • Burping or gas in the stomach
  • Watery stools to constipated conditions
  • Bleeding in the upper intestinal tract which is seen as black stools
  • Gray stools that probably indicates problem with liver health
  • Yellow or orange stool a symbol of body imbalance
  • Mucus in the stools that indicates something is not right with the colon health
  • Excessive amount of stool and it is an indicator that nutrients hasn’t been absorbed efficiently
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fouls smell from its mouth
  • Dry skin and coat
  • Dehydration
  • Blood in stools
  • Panting or shivering


If you come across any of such symptom in your feline then never delay and take her to the vet or if the problem is something that you can handle then go ahead with natural remedies. In most of the cases it is always better to get a vets hand on your feline to rule out the possibilities of any dangerous elements.

If the problems fades away in few days then it is pretty much okay to be relaxed if not then a vet’s consultation is a must. He will probably order for blood tests, urine tests to find out allergies, infections or health of the internal organs.

Food poisoning as a major concern

Spoiled food or foods that are high in fat, those added with preservatives can create havoc inside their stomach. Generally lack of time is the major problem among pet owners and it is common to commit mistakes like giving food that has been kept in the room temperature for more than six hours. Food that is kept in room temperature for long hours are perfect places for molds and bacteria’s to thrive. So if you want to keep gangsters like E.coli and Salmonella in a far distance from your feline then always feed fresh food.

Next time when you feed your cat with cheesy donuts remember they can’t handle the fats appropriately and it directly upsets their digestive system. Such foods may give an overload to the pancreas and gall bladder leading to excessive vomiting. Also feeding food that contains preservatives like MSG can cause serious allergic reactions like hives and rashes throughout the body. So be careful about food choices to avoid food poisoning.

Here are a few natural remedies that can bail you out during your cat’s digestive issues

  • Calendula is extremely beneficial when it comes to treating skin problems like itching and allergies. Now the best bet is they also help to fight urinary tract infections and give your cat some easy time while passing stool when stuck with constipation problems.
  • Pureed pumpkin is a great food for cats. It helps to prevent diarrhea and constipation as it is rich in fiber content. Pumpkin contains essential enzymes that help the smooth flow of digestion.
  • Boiled rice is also best when it comes to indigestion problems. Your cat might not like this meal but you can make it interesting by mixing some freshly cooked chicken soup or boiled chicken strips. This will help to maintain the energy level and provide ample water lost during dehydration while diarrhea.
  • Aloe is the best natural remedy for both humans and pets. It is non toxic and helps to heal internal wounds and improve blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Ginger tea is another natural remedy that can treat indigestion problems. Make a ginger tea decoction and feed your cat. This will help to ease of flatulence and rumbling sounds that come out from the stomach.
  • Carrot juice a natural herbal remedy that can prevent UTI infections and bowel disorders in cats.
  • Chamomile tea is an excellent natural remedy that can soothe the intestinal tract and prevents the growth of infection causing microorganisms.
  • Slippery Elm is an emollient that helps to maintain healthy mucus membranes along the intestinal tract.

A few commonly asked questions related to cats digestive problems

My cat has constipation problems that comes and goes frequently? What can I do to prevent it?

If your cat is suffering from constipation problems then it simply means your feline isn’t drinking adequate water or getting right amount of fluids. Also make a note on the fiber content that you are feeding your cat. You can provide addition supplements like Vetasyl fiber caps (Psyllium seed husks 95% and barley malt extract powder flavor 5 %.) for improving the digestion process and preventing constipation. Vetasyl fiber caps are one of the best natural remedies that contain enough amount of fiber needed for felines.

What can I do about runny stools and flatulence?

In such cases remember not to over feed the cat and also maintain proper timings. Avoid feeding processed foods and if possible include probiotics like plain yogurt which will help to get rid of such problems and strengthen the digestive system. You can alternatively try a unique formulation Pet Naturals of Vermont Digestive Support for Cats 60 Caps. Vermont digestive support is a brilliant product which does not have any side effects as it is a natural product. This helps to strengthen the bowel and protect the intestinal tract from infections. Troubled with runny stools and flatulence then pet natural Vermont digestive support can do wonders.

Are probiotic safe for cats and how does it help for a better digestion?

Probiotics are not only safe but also healthy for the immune system. It helps to strengthen the digestive system and removes most of the bowel problems. Your cat will be as playful as ever and probiotics will encourage the growth of healthy flora inside the digestive tracts. One of the best natural products that I use for my own cat is Rainbow light ProbioActive 1B. This unique probiotic formula helps to promote gut health and boosts immunity power. Giving this product to your feline as per instructions will help to alleviate most of the digestive discomforts and reduce the need of drugs which is otherwise a necessity. This natural probiotic contains active strains of 1 billion viable cells which are enough to carry on the digestive process smoothly and help the growth of friendly flora internally.

How about enzymes for digestion? What are they?

Enzymes are simple components that speed up the body functions. There are different types of enzymes which carry out different functions. Our body produces enzymes that can speed up the digestion process likewise there are certain enzymes that work in felines. But when the immune system is compromised it is often necessary to provide support externally. There are different formulations which contains natural enzymes which can be used for the same purpose. One such natural product is Synacore Feline digestive Support that is combination of synergistic mix of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and prebiotics to encourage that aid in a healthy digestion and supports overall health of the cat.

Can digestion improve if pancreatic health is improved?

Digestion is basically depended on the pancreas as it is the warehouse where digestive enzymes are produced. If the pancrea stay healthy and fit then nobody can stop the digestive tract from attaining perfection in its job. There are many natural products available that help to promote the health of pancreas and one such product is pancrezyme powder. This formulation helps the pet to gain proper weight and improves the functionally of the pancreas. Digestion problems will be at bay when this powder starts its magic on your feline.

Conclusion: Cat’s digestive problems are common and there is no need to worry as such if there isn’t any emergency situation. Most of the bowel disorders will resolve with natural remedies or natural formulations like those mentioned above. I always keep a stock of these natural medications in hand so that I can keep my felines health in perfect pace. Even though my feline pesters us a lot my son loves her to the core and loves to abide with her tantrums and attitude. Having a pet is just a wonderful feeling and all pet owners know how it feels to watch them grow along.

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