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FCV Protect Spray Relieves Cat Flu

Cat flu is common upper respiratory diseases in cats. It shows the common symptoms of flu like stuffy nose, teary eyes, ulcers etc. This upper respiratory disease is caused by a viral infection. The cat flu is contagious and can pass from cat to cat quickly. FCV Protect Spray is a homeopathic remedy that temporarily relieves the cat flu symptoms. The blocked nose, weepy eyes, difficulty in breathing and sneezing are relieved within no time. It gets to work right from the first dose. It helps maintain and promote the breathing airway opened and make respiration easier for the cats.

FCV Protect Spray

FCV Protect Spray can be used along with the prescribed drugs. There are drug interactions for this homeopathic formula.

Symptoms of cat flu

The affecting virus attacks the eye membranes and the eyes become swollen and have discharge. The inflamed nasal lining cases sneezing and clear fluid which may make the nose stuffy. It also affects their sense of smelling. Fever and loss appetite are next in line. The lack of proper eating declines their immunity and the cats suffer more. FCV Protect Spray helps relieve these symptoms, without causing any troubles.

Uses of FCV Protect Spray

FCV Protect Spray can be used along with the prescribed drugs. There are drug interactions for this homeopathic formula. Neither does it have any side effects. This non addictive remedy may be used for a longer time as a maintenance dose and to prevent another attack.

FCV Protect Spray can also promote immunity and is at its best when used along with DetoxPlus that helps in the detoxification process. The toxins when flushed out of the system will have a strong immune system.

Where people thought that the granules are the easy way to administer the remedy to the cats are now finding the FCV Protect Spray easier. There is no mixing needed. It is readily blended with the food or water, whichever is the medium. There is no taste change to the food and if there any the cats do not catch it.

Ingredients in FCV Protect Spray

  • Allium cepa can relieve the sneezing and watery nasal discharge. The fever and the cough are also reduced by this.
  • Borax is an expectorant and coughing is relieved soon along with excess mucus and tightness in cheat area.
  • Phosphorus alleviates the pain, lung congestion and clears the pulmonary area.
  • Pulsatilla reduces the infectious mucus, reduce cough and loosen the thick discharge.

FCV Protect Spray dosage

The dosage for FCV Protect Spray is 2 sprays into the mouth every 2 hours for a maximum dose of 10 times a day. Once the symptoms subside reduce the dose to only 2-3 times. Gradually it may also be used only once a day for the maintenance period for as long as needed. It is non-addictive and can be stopped anytime.

Customers are happy that the FCV Protect Spray is soon to its effects and within 3 days the cats found relief from all the symptoms. The cats showed better appetite and are sleeping normal and longer. The cats who suffered frequent respiratory troubles are now relieved of that and could stay fit for longer periods. The immune system works better and prevents and avoids future infections.

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