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FCV Protect Granules – Relief For Nasal Congestion in Cats

Homeopathic FCV Protect

Attacks of flu are common in cats just as it is in humans. A cat with running nose, sneezing, and with pus like discharge is most likely suffering from some kind of infection. FCV Protect granules are a natural remedy for the common allergies and nasal discharge in cats. This homeopathic formula relieves the constant sneezing and congestion inside the nose. It can alleviate the blocked nose and weepy eyes. The air path is cleared and let the cat breathe normally. It not only relieves these disturbing symptoms temporarily but also adds to the respiratory health in the felines.

The biggest advantage of FCV Protect granules are that it is non-addictive and completely safe for little kittens and pregnant cats. There are not many remedies out there that are safe for pregnant cats. FCV Protect granules will not harm the unborn kitties in the womb by any means. The ingredients in the FCV Protect granules act right on target and stay away from the other things. But has positive effects in boosting the respiratory and immune systems to stay healthy.

The Ingredients in FCV Protect granules

  • Allium cepa is used to reduce sneezing and the nasal discharges whether or not it is stuffy or watery. The Hey fever is cured by this and has some potential to fight the infections. The cough and other respiratory discomforts are also taken care of by this ingredient in the FCV Protect granules.
  • Borax can attend to the hacking cough and act as expectorant. The discomfort I the chest area while coughing is relieved and reduce the mucus secretion.
  • Phosphorus is able to reduce the pain in the larynx and reduce the coughing. The lung congestion and the pulmonary congestion are also relieved with this.
  • Pulsatilla is a remedy for the stuffy nose in the evenings, the yellow mucus secretion, and act as expectorant. It can help thin the mucus. It can fight the bacteria to reduce the formation of yellow mucus.

Dosage instructions for FCV Protect granules

The FCV Protect granules are easy to give to the cats. The granules are readily soluble in food or water. Simply sprinkle in one pinch of the FCV Protect granules directly into the cat’s mouth, if it is willing. Or add it into its food or water. It must be administered every 2 hours and for a maximum of 10 doses in a day, until there is improvement in the conditions.

This homeopathic remedy is safe for cats of all ages, right from the newborn to the old. Only regular and timely administration can bring positive results. Fear not, there are no side effects at all for this product. It contains no allergens as well

Why use FCV Protect granules

FCV Protect granules can be curative temporarily to alleviate the symptoms of the common allergies and flu in cats. It can also be used as an annual vaccination regime just to boost the immune system and to reduce the seasonal allergies that is common in cats. We cannot stop the cat from being exposed to the viruses and bacteria all the time. The cat’s immune system must be able to cope with the infection when it happens. There is no better way than to adopt the natural way and FCV Protect granules can do just that without any troubles.

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