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Eye-Heal – Natural Remedy To Support Bright Eyes In Cats

The eyes of the cats are the mirror of their health and soul. The beautiful bright eyes of the cats are a vision and make us happy. Those cat eyes can make us forget our worries. Feline eyes can lose its brightness soon enough with a weak body and diseases. The cats may suffer from vision problems due to infections and other issues.

Eye-Heal is a natural remedy for supporting better and bright eyes for the cats. A cat owner can immediately spot a slight change in the cat’s eyes. Those delicate eyes are more sensitive to light and traumatic conditions. They need proper care. Eye-Heal is one product that can support healthy eyes that are bright and happy to look at. It can soothe the dry eyes and remove any irritation and maintain them healthy.

PetAlive Eye-Heal

How to use Eye-Heal?

Eye-Heal is for external use. it comes in liquid form. Mix 5 drops of this solution in 20 ml of fresh boiled water and keep it aside to cool. Take a clean cotton swab and dip it in the solution. Use this cotton swab to clean the inner and outer corners of the cats. Gently wipe the corners of each eye with the swab. Repeat the same process 2-3 times a day as per requirement.

Eye-Heal can be used for cleaning the cat’s eyes after an outing into the polluted environment. With regular use, the eye health will soon improve and the dull look will be replaced with a shiny bright appearance. The ingredients used in Eye-Heal are natural herbs and do not have any negative effects. The solution is diluted again so that there are no irritations. It is safe for cats of all ages.

Eye-Heal is made with

  • Burdrock is a natural cleanser that can help remove debris. This nature makes it a convenient ingredient in the Eye-Heal to get the dirt or other particles suck in the cat’s eyes. It also trigger better immunity to avoid eye infections.
  • Rosemary is another natural cleanser that also has soothing effect. It can reduce inflammation of the eyes and reduce the swollen eyes.
  • Greater celandine is a natural soother to remove dry and irritated feel in the cat’s eyes. It is also a pain reliever and immune booster.
  • Meadowsweet also has soothing properties and can be a remedy for conjunctiva in cats as well. It can be an anti-septic and astringent and can be anti-inflammatory to reduce conjunctiva.

When to use Eye-Heal

Eye-Heal can be used for irritated eyes in cats. The irritation due to dryness is also removed by this product. The soothing effect of the ingredients removes the sting and the cat will have its shiny eyes back soon.

Reddened and swollen eyes also will need a little treatment from Eye-Heal. Usually within a week’s time the cat’s eyes will be back to normal.

Watery eyes with some discharge are also treated with Eye-Heal. It may be due to some infection and cleaning the eyes with Eye-Heal will reduce this infection and keep them hygienic.

Customer reviews

Users who have tried Eye-Heal states that even if there are no huge difference the cat eyes are lot better than their dull and sick look. Even the cat’s mood is improved with regular use.

One user is happy that the squinting of her cat is treated well with the use of Eye-Heal. It helps maintain the vision and improves the general eye health.

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