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Epigen is a natural dry food that has all the requirements of food that the cats deserve to have. It has the real flavor, real meat, real protein diet that they are supposed to have.

Cats have the right to have their natural food available for them. In the domestic lives many of them live, they don’t get enough opportunities to go hunting and find their food. The food that is served does have the flavor but is that enough for them? They deserve a real high protein, less starchy food every time.

Epigen is a natural dry food that has all the requirements of food that the cats deserve to have. It has the real flavor, real meat, real protein diet that they are supposed to have. Epigen is the closest cat food to that of the real meat they would have hunted for. It has more protein than that in any other cat food that they claim to have.

Epigen characteristics

  • Epigen has pure organic protein, fat, vegetables, fruits, coconut oil etc that provides the various macro and micro nutrients for the cats. Other cat foods only have the protein and fat. In Epigen the cats will get proper nutrition than just food.
  • Epigen contains the essential fatty acids that are needed for energy and immune boosting. The presence of probiotics and other minerals will definitely improve the health of the felines.
  • Epigen is made with ingredients from natural sources and is made in facilities that are approved by the USDA and FDA.

Epigen varieties

Epigen natural cat food is available in 4 varieties. Epigen chicken, Epigen 90, Epigen fish and Epigen venison.

  • Epigen Chicken uses the chicken meal as the primary ingredient along with organic protein, potato protein and other veggies, fruits and nutrients.
  • Epigen 90 is made with organic chicken, chicken meal and meat protein isolate as the primary ingredients. The other ingredients are the same as others.
  • Epigen Fish has the Menhaden fish meal and catfish as the main constituents.
  • Epigen Venison uses the venison meal, meat protein isolate and potato protein for the nutrition. There are vegetables, fruits, oils, yogurt; herbal extracts etc are also used in its making.

Epigen feeding chart

Epigen is a dry food that is fed according to the weight of the felines. For cats that are 5 lbs the amount to be fed is ¼ or ½ a cup. For cats that are 10-15 lbs the quantity is increased to ½ or ¾ cup of Epigen. For cats that are up to 20 or above need ¾ to 1 cup full of Epigen.

Is Epigen really starch free

The usual starch free cat food does have starch in it but in a lesser amount and that from the non problematic sources. In Epigen there is no use of starch of any type at all and the starch is replaced with protein and other nutrients. This nutrition can address many problems arising in cats. The problem of obesity will be reduced, less chances of being diabetic as there is no sugar added, strong muscle development with the available protein etc. The minor nutrients play major roles like improving the immune system.

When compared to the other grain free cat feeds the improvement done on the general health of cats is highly commendable. The other products do not attend to the health issues and does also cause a few of them.

Epigen cat food is raw

Epigen is the cat feed that is in its natural raw form. The food is processed to minimum to preserve the nutrients and yet make it dry and last for longer. There are real meat, organs, and bone in its making. It enables the cats to use its dental structures in its natural mechanism.

Epigen cat food may not be perfect but neither is it a fake. It is natural raw meat that the cats would love to have, thanks to its natural flavors. This will be closest any manufacturer can get to the nature and create a nature like feel for the cats.

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