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Enzadent Toothpaste (Poultry Flavor)

Vet Solutions Enzadent Finger Brush Kit – POULTRY FLAVOR (0.75 oz)

Plaque on the teeth will eventually lead to bad breath in cats. it has to be removed regularly to get rid of the odor. Enzadent toothpaste is one such product that can handle this problem and is safe to use on all felines.

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Enzadent toothpaste is completely safe as it has no Xylitol, and does not form foam. There is no need to rinse after brushing the teeth. the toothpaste is safe enough to swallow the left over. It is palatable and does not cause any troubles when swallowed by the kitties.

Enzadent toothpaste contains a triple enzyme system that work effectively to remove plaque and prevent its further formation. It is made with poultry flavor that the cats will like to have and so that there are less trouble in getting them to sit down for the brushing.

Enzadent toothpaste poultry flavor ingredients

Glycerin, sorbitol, silica, calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium pyrophosphate, poultry extract, cellulose gum, potassium thicyanate, sodium benzoate, zinc gluconate, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, lactoferrin, vitamin E and purified water.

Of these the glucose oxidase, and lactoperoxidase are the chief ingredients that can digest the bio-film plaque and also kill the harmful bacteria. These enzymes make the environment unfavorable for the bacteria to form plaque or cause bad breath. They also remove and dispose of the food debris on the teeth and gum line.

Enzadent Toothpaste Usage directions

Enzadent toothpaste can be applied on the toothbrush or finger brush and brush the feline teeth as normal. For cats that are new to tooth brushing need more time to get adapted to this procedure. Start with simply inserting your finger into its mouth once a while and slowly increase the time period. Do remember to wrap the finger in something to protect your finger as it is needless to mention that kitties have sharp teeth.

Once they are used to this finger intrusion, slide on the finger brush or toothbrush. Use it to slowly brush over the teeth without any paste. Introduce the paste in small quantity and see of the cat favors it or not.

Brushing is mandatory and it is only a formality to check if it likes the toothpaste taste or not. Anyways you are going to brush its teeth. Most cats love the poultry taste.

Importance of using Enzadent toothpaste poultry flavor

Tooth brushing for cats is important for the lifestyle they lead. In nature they get more chances to get their teeth cleaned naturally. For domesticated cats, tooth brushing should be done regularly to get rid of the food debris which can cause plaque and tartar.

While brushing, clean the gum line also. Use a soft bristled tooth brush on the delicate feline gums. Prevention of plaque and removal of food debris can void many periodontal diseases in cats. gum diseases are also prevented.

Enzadent toothpaste can be part of the healthy oral hygiene routine for the cats. It is safe and effective. Users state that the poultry taste is a hit among the kitties and there is hardly any kitty that does not like this toothpaste. Try it out for yours as well.

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