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Energy Tonic For Feline Vitality

PetAlive Energy Tonic for Energy, Health and Vitality

Cats are the life for many people. The playful and cute kittens fill the homes with a new energy and happiness. When these cute little ones are not active and tired all the while it is not fun at all and a matter of concern as well. The vitality of the cat is determined by the various activities inside their bodies. Herbal supplements like Energy Tonic are used when the cat body functionalities are not up to the mark and need a boosting.

Energy Tonic improves the blood circulation throughout the body and thereby increases the oxygen supply to all parts of the body. This helps the cat’s body to generate more energy and the cat no longer feel too tired. It starts showing new energy levels and become active once again.

This energy boosting is necessary for older cats and Energy Tonic is safe for the elderly cats. It is mild on their body and act properly to have normal energy levels for them. They may not jump and run all around but will have an ample improvement from what they were.

Energy Tonic is a herbal preparation with only naturally available herbal extracts for the making it s safe from being addictive and do not have any gluten or other allergens. It has positive effects on the cat bodies and also boosts the general health of it.

What does Energy Tonic contain?

  • Eleuthero is a natural energy tonic that improves the blood circulation and supports overall functionalities of the vitals makes the primary ingredient of Energy Tonic. It also supports the hormone formation from adrenal glands. Using it will improve stamina and fitness of the body. it makes the body cope with stress and can also boost the immune system.
  • Rosemary is another energy tonic making its part in the Energy Tonic. Here also the duty is to improve blood circulation and maintain the blood flow to the cerebral area.
  • Spirulina is a power packed natural ingredient. The minerals, protein, and other nutrients ensure proper nourishment of the cats. It can improve energy production and support the functioning of liver and immune systems. Spirulina improves the overall health of the cats in no time.
  • Amla, the India gooseberry has vitamin C that itself is an energy booster and tonic. It boosts the natural immunity and makes the cats better resistant to diseases that can be one of the reasons for tiredness in them.

All these ingredients are combined and made a power that is filled inside capsules. The base is rice powder which is an inactive ingredient. The Energy Tonic capsules along with proper diet and regular exercises will make the felines active once again.

Energy Tonic dosage

The Energy Tonic capsules are given in half. Open the Energy Tonic capsule and mix half the contents in the food, water or other treats for the cats, twice a day. Regular administration will show visible improvement in the energy levels of the cats.

Energy Tonic can be part of the daily diet always. A smaller dose can be used as a maintenance course for a longer time. It is non-addictive and can be stopped anytime. There are no side effects also.

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