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Electronic Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller
The Electronic Pest Repeller makes use of the electromagnetic waves to have an impact on the targets. The repelling power reached deeper into the wall as well.

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The Electronic Pest Repeller from Wysong is a humane non-toxic solution that is eco-friendly as well. This insect repeller is successful against a wide range of targets like insects, rodents, and even bats. The insects include ladybugs, mosquitoes, moths, ants, spiders, scorpions, silverfish, termites, ticks etc. There are also a few animals that cannot stand this Electronic Pest Repeller, they are rats, mice, and squirrels.

How does Electronic Pest Repeller work?

How it works is by blocking the communication between them. the insects and bats use ultrasounds to get their directions right. The Electronic Pest Repeller makes sure these ultrasounds are blocked in some way making the environment unfit for them to fly. It also causes directional problems, eating disorders, and irritability in the insects. The ultrasounds emitted by the Electronic Pest Repeller disturb the insects and rodents to their limit and they choose to stay away from the vicinity.

Electronic Pest Repeller unit features

The Electronic Pest Repeller makes use of the electromagnetic waves to have an impact on the targets. The repelling power reached deeper into the wall as well. There is a twin scanning technology that creates ultrasound frequencies with the help of twin speaker positioning.

The ultrasounds created are in various ranges to have the repelling power over a wider range of objects. These ultrasounds created to travel in an up and down direction instead of just being in their frequencies. The fluctuating heights of these sound waves ensure that the target objects are never getting used to a particular range and find comfort, instead of being repelled.

Target ranges

The Electronic Pest Repeller has a switch to change between the target ranges of ultra sounds. The high range is to repel insects and bats. The lower range targets rodents and other smaller animals. Choose the range according to the needs.

The repelling period

The Electronic Pest Repeller is connected to the power and switched on. It takes a few weeks to have the insects intolerable to the ultrasound frequencies. It may go up to 4-6 weeks under normal conditions. Sometimes the insects can take longer than the rodents to show some effects.

Coverage area of Electronic Pest Repeller

The Electronic Pest Repeller can cover a larger area of 5000 sq ft, open area. The effectiveness is reduced with the number of walls and obstacles in the line. The objects on the path muzzle the sound waves. For a large hall, one unit of Electronic Pest Repeller will be enough. In a large office space with more walls and doors, using more than one unit would be advisable, positioned in different areas.

How safe is Electronic Pest Repeller

Even though Electronic Pest Repeller emits ultrasound waves it is still in the safer zone for humans. The sound waves produced are not threatening to the humans in anyways. Since the insects and animals are more sensitive than humans they are easily affected by the waves while we humans will not even feel anything from it.

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