We humans are not the only creatures who suffer motion sickness; even cats have the same problem. Are you one of those cat owners who have a sick cat while travelling and is forced to keep your loved pet at home while on vacation? There is no need for the same anymore. Have a bottle of EasyTravel solution and keep all the sickness at home and not your cat while off for a vacation.

The motion sickness in cats is better than that on dogs, as the cats can be trained to stay calmer. The cats that travel lesser times will have severe sickness. This can be too stressful for them and make them afraid of even a small trip.

EasyTravel solution is the safer solution for the travel problems in cats. It prevents the dribbling, nausea, the fear of the cats. It also aids in digestive system that helps keep both its stomach and nerves calmer.

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What is EasyTravel solution?

EasyTravel solution is a homeopathic preparation that is safe to use on all cats without any addiction. It naturally relieves the symptoms of motion sickness and keep the cats calm and happy during a long journey. No matter what the medium of transportation is the cats will have a good time coping with the schedule.

The ingredients in the EasyTravel solution are made into granules that can be sprinkled in to the mouth of the felines. The product is made of biochemical salts that are diluted under homeopathic preparation.

  • Zingiber is added to reduce the nausea that is induced by the movement. It also promotes digestion in the cats that the food is easily digested and keeps the stomach empty. Some cats will have bloating and flatulence as a symptom for motion sickness. Zingiber is the natural solution for this problem as well.
  • Menthia piperita or common mint can reduce the indigestion and nausea in pets. It can relax the muscles of the digestive tract.
  • Kali phos addresses the stress and anxiety that arise while travelling. The sudden and acute fear and panic attacks will be reduced with this biochemical salt.
  • Aconitum nap is another anti-anxiety ingredient in EasyTravel solution. it keeps the nerves calm and so will be the cats.
  • Cocculus can relieve the nausea, vomiting that are associuated with the motion sickness.
  • Wind flower also is helpful in reducing the nausea in pets while travelling. It also attends to the panic attacks to the enclosed areas.

Administering EasyTravel solution

Sprinkle the EasyTravel Solution granules into the mouth of the cat at least 10 minutes before the travel. The dose may be repeated for a maximum of 6 doses, every 20 minutes when needed. The amount is a large pinch for the cats of all sizes.

When to use EasyTravel solution

If your cat shows symptoms like excessive drooling, making more distressed sound or meowing too much, be immobile due to fear and panic, vomiting, nausea, urinating or defecating while travelling, it suffer from motion sickness. Motion sickness is not always about vomiting. The excessive drooling also says so.

EasyTravel solution helps the cat stay calm and control its digestive and nervous systems while travelling. Apart from giving EasyTravel solution you need to spend some time with your kitty, petting it and speaking soothing words which will ensure them that all will be well and there is nothing to panic about. Give them toys to keep them engaged and distracted. And limit the food that is given to the pet right before the trip. It is your responsibility to make the trip pleasant and comfortable for your pet also.