Cats when showing sudden weird behavioral changes, seizures, lack of coordination in the muscles and senses etc should be taken seriously. These might be sign of overactive nervous system that is due to stress or other fear and will need utmost attention and treatment.

PetAlive EaseSure can promote better brain functioning to have clarity to mind and coordination in cats. It will support the brain to follow normal activities and to make calm and peaceful mind for the cats that are suffering from overactive nervous system. EaseSure supports the promotion of normal body temperature as well. The blood pressure is also maintained which itself is first step to peaceful state of mind.

PetAlive EaseSure, 2 oz

EaseSure is a herbal medicine prepared in homeopathic methods. It provides a holistic treatment to the body and mind of the cats.

What is EaseSure made of?

EaseSure is a herbal medicine prepared in homeopathic methods. It provides a holistic treatment to the body and mind of the cats. The included herbs are passion flower, skullcap, Hyoscyamus, belladonna, Cuprum mettalicum etc.

  • Passion flower extract can calm the nerves and bring equilibrium to the nervous system. the flavonoids, alkaloids and other chemical constituents together bring the stressed cat’s functionalities to normalcy.
  • Skullcap is a herbal tonic for the nervous system. It can calm the overwhelmed little cats. It helps keep the mind balanced and promote a healthy feel.
  • Hyoscyamus can bring in emotional balance for the cats. It is a solution for the jealous cats that act hyperactive and show other nervous symptoms.
  • Belladonna is one herb that is a remedy for pain and jumpiness due to stress and nervousness.
  • Cuprum metallicum is good for nervous system and digestive system equally.

Using EaseSure

EaseSure is in liquid form for easier administration. Add 1-2 drops of EaseSure in a little water and pour it directly into the cat’s mouth. It can also be mixed in the drinking water or the food of the cat as well. The dose is repeated after 5 minutes if needed. Otherwise, the regular dosage is 1-2 drops, three times a day. A single bottle of EaseSure will last for 80 days if used in the normal recommended dose.

How long should I continue giving EaseSure?

EaseSure is fast to act normally, but some cats may take their sweet time to respond positively to the herbal medication. Even if there is no immediate relief from the symptoms in cats, continue with the dose regularly as recommended. Within 3-6 weeks time, there will be a noticeable change in the cat’s behavior.

One of the users state that her cat was too violent and showing fit. After 2-3 weeks of normal dosage these temper tantrums have reduced and the cat is now delightfully obedient and nice. For another user, the cat with a difficult vision or imbalance due to a fall in its younger age is now fit and fine and is not showing any nervousness due to this reason.

Is there any side effects?

EaseSure is safe from any side effects and is safe for cats of all ages. But it may not be advisable for pregnant cats and cats that are feeding their little ones. Although there are no negative effects of it but it is better to stay in the safer side. It is safe for a long term use without any addiction. It can also be stopped anytime, and the cat will not have any kind of withdrawal symptoms.