The PetAlive Ear Dr. is a herbal oil preparation that can be used to maintain a healthy ear in cats. This natural product cleanses the ear canal and soothes any itchiness in the path. The essential oils from the herbs are formulated in an olive oil base that can go with the curative properties.

Keeping healthy ear in cats is part of its wellness. There are ear mites and other infection causing agents around the kitties that can invade any time. With the help of Ear Dr. used regularly, any invaders by accident will be eliminated before they can pose any harm to the loved cats. Ear Dr. will also rid of excess wax formed inside the ear canal and keep the canal free of blocks. It also ensures a healthy ear flora; the beneficial microorganisms in the cat’s ear are well supported and add to the immune system health of the cats.

The ingredients used in Ear Dr.

The complete herbal formula includes essential oils taken from Calendula, rosemary, mullein, tea tree, and olive oil as the base.

  • Calendula is one of the effective herbal oil that can cleanse the ear. It can comfort the crimson infections and also get rid of ear mites. It also has anti-inflammatory, antifungal properties in addition to being an astringent. It is helpful to promote the growth of epithelial tissues that are damaged by the mites.
  • Mullein oil is soothing to the tissues. It has antiseptic and pain relieving properties that serves well to keep ear aches and infections away. The itch due to ear mites is also taken care of.
  • Rosemary is a tonic and has restorative effects for skin. It can help maintain the bacterial growth in the cat ears and reduce the chances of infection. The aroma of this can uplift the mood as well.
  • Tea tree oil is also beneficial for the skin and ear tissues. The delicate activity of this oil is soothing on the ears. It controls the bacterial growth in the ear canal on application and also promotes healthier tissues.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is the base for this herbal preparation. Olive oil itself has antibacterial properties that add to the overall effects of Ear Dr. The anti-inflammatory effects will reduce the ear infections and is protective to the skin.

How to use Ear Dr

Ear Dr. is in liquid form which needs to be dropped into the cat’s ear canal. The directions are to hold the cat’s head slightly at an angle while dropping the drops. Let the liquid seep through the canal. Gently massage at the base of the ear for better spreading of the liquid. Drop in only 2-3 drops at a time. Repeat the process twice or thrice in a day for a week or 10 days continuously.

The dose can be repeated once or twice a week as maintenance will keep the healthy ear for a longer time. It can be used regularly for those cats that get infections very easily. The antibacterial properties of the ingredients will control the bacterial growth and reduce the number of infections. Use it regularly and get rid of mild, chronic or acute ear problems faster than ever.