Ear Clean Gold is a medicine that can be dropped into your cat’s ears to keep it clean every time. You may begin to notice constant ear scratching, shaking of head and brownish discharge from the ears when there is an ear infection. There is a possibility of mites in the ear and these can spread. If not kept properly clean, the infections can recur causing great discomfort to your cats. When you begin to use the medicine, you will start to see good results within two days or it could take up to two weeks. It is best not to use Q-tips as they can rupture the ear drum and cause debris to accumulate in the ears. Mites can also lodge into the cat’s paws when scratching and spread through them. There can be loss of hair and bleeding as well. In order prevent great discomfort for your pets; use the Ear Clean Gold regularly.

Ear Clean Gold for Cats

The Ear Clean Gold has no side effects unlike other medicines. The whole medicine is made of only herbal ingredients which cannot harmfully affect your cat at all. It is produced from organically grown and ethically harvested herbs.

What is Ear Clean Gold?

If you want to keep your cat’s years healthy all the time, Ear Clean Gold is the way to go. It helps to keep the inner surface of the ears healthy. It also helps to remove mites from the ears. This can be used along with Ear Care Gold or any other medicine and it has to be used prior to it. The medicine helps to remove ear debris.

What are the ingredients of Ear Clean Gold?

  • 10% Vitamin E Oil (dl-alpha tocopherol acetate)
  • Mullein leaf (Verbascum thapsus)
  • Rosemary leaf (Rosmarinus officinalis)
  • Calendula flower (Calendula officinalis)

These herbs effectively keep the inner surface of the ear healthy and clean. They improve upon the natural ability of your cat’s immunity to keep infections away. They rejuvenate the natural skin of the ear and remove skin discomfort. They help the ears to remove micro organisms like bacteria and fungi and do not allow parasites to grow there. They nourish the skin keep the cat from frequently scratching at the ear skin.

What is the base oil in the medicine?

The base oil in Ear Clean Gold is MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceride oil. This oil has an innate ability to keep the ear s clean and help the skin to stay healthy for a long time. It also naturally improves the immunity of your cat’s ears against infection. It discourages the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast in the body.

Why use Ear Clean Gold?

The oils used in the medicine stay in liquid condition at room temperature. The Ear Clean Gold provides nutrition to the ears and can be used to regularly. Your cats may be prone to ear infections if they keep scratching their ears and shaking their heads. This medicine can reduces your cats continues infections and prevent them from recurring. It prevents the growth of ear mites that are blackish brown infections that look like ground coffee beans.

Why choose Ear Clean Gold over other herbal medicines.

The Ear Clean Gold has no side effects unlike other medicines. The whole medicine is made of only herbal ingredients which cannot harmfully affect your cat at all. It is produced from organically grown and ethically harvested herbs. There are no endangered herbs used in producing the medicine. The full spectrum of the herbs is preserved when manufacturing the medicine to preserve the full biochemical properties of the ingredients. This ensures the quality of the product you get.

Is it a certified medicine?

The facilities where the medicines are manufactured are registered at the FDA. They also follow GVM’s good guidance’s for pet dietary supplements which have a strict protocol when it comes to manufacturing medicines for your pets. The guidelines followed are according to Good Manufacturing Practices and these are FDA approved. In addition to all the measures for quality. There is also a 90 day money return guarantee attached to the medicine. In case you are not fully satisfied with the medicine, you can apply for a full refund!

Directions for use

The bottle of medicine should be shaken well before use. Gently warm the medicine before use to bring it to room temperature or slightly warmer by dipping it in warm water. Drop the medicine into your cat’s years using the dropper taking care that it does not touch the ear. Clean any excess drops from around the ears using tissues or towels.

For any cat, 2 to 3 drops in each ear will help to keep the ear clean.

What caution should be followed when taking Ear Clean Gold?

This medicine is not for internal use. When using the dropper, we must be careful that this does not touch the discharge from the infected ear as it could spoil the entire medicine. The medicine should be stored out of reach of animals and children. If there is an increase in soreness or redness after using the medicine, you should consult with a vet immediately to prevent further worsening of the situation.

Who manufactures Ear Clean Gold?

Ear Clean Gold is manufactured by Pet Wellbeing and they have been producing it since 2001. The team of holistic vets at Pet Wellbeing uniquely use the goodness of traditionally used herbs and they used new technology to make the medicines. This makes it easy to administer the medicines and their quality is preserved as well. They have solutions for any cat problems imaginable.

These vets advice a good and clean environment for the complete health of your cats. They also say that regular cleaning of the ears is important in order to prevent the micro organisms from growing. Pain can be noticed when they start grunting and moaning regularly and they can even get irritable. Unable to express their discomfort, your cats could get aggressive, moody and even hide from view. Watch out for signs of discomfort in order to save your cat a lot of pain. Remember, the herbal medicine is the best you can do for your cats with not a hint of negative effect.