What is Ear Care Gold for Cat Ear Infections?

This medicine reduces itching and irritation in your cat’s ear. It protects the natural immunity of your cat. It can reduce bad odor that originates from cats’ ears during infection. Ear problems that keep recurring are stopped by the herbs in this medicine. The comfort of your cats is restored when you start using this herbal medicine.

Ear Care Gold for Cat Ear Infections

What are the ingredients of Ear Care Gold for Cat Ear Infections?

  • St. John’s Wort flowering herb (Hypericum perforatum)
  • Mullein leaf (Verbascum thapsus)
  • Aloe Vera leaf (Aloe barbadensis)
  • Olive leaf (Olea europea)
  • Calendula flower (Calendula officinalis)
  • Goldenseal root (Hydrastis canadensis)

These herbs have anti-microbial properties that are used for both internal and external purposes. They have a soothing action on the mucous layer of your cat’s ears. They have been used for years to treat bacterial, viral and fungal problems. They reduce the inflammation of tissues. These herbs are safe to be used on the skin and inside the ear. They provide a natural protection against micro organisms. They do not harm useful bacteria in any way as these create their own acidic barrier against contamination.

There are herbs used in this medicine that have been used for restoration of skin tissue cells. They help to remove skin abrasions. They keep the inner and outer layers of your cat’s ear healthy. They also help to promote the innate ability of the cat’s body to fight infection. They also support the health of the underlying nerves of the ear. The herbs hydrate the cat’s ear and removes problems caused due to dryness. They remove ulcerated tissues and normalize inflamed tissues.

What is the base used in the medicine?

Medium Chain Triglyceride or MCT oil naturally keeps the cat’s ear healthy. It helps to loosen wax and debris that accumulate in the cat ear. This oil is made up of a medium of fatty acids that have properties similar to the wax found in the ear.

Why use Ear Care Gold for Cat Ear Infections?

The Ear Care Gold for Cat Ear Infections strengthens immunity in the cat’s ears. The medicine makes it impossible for bacteria and fungi to grow in the ear. It makes the skin in the ear healthy and normal and acts gently and soothingly. This medicine is infused with herbal oils that deal with ear problems in your pet. The oil used as based in the medicine remains in liquid state at room temperature. It provides nutrition to the ear. It helps to maintain natural immunity and protects the ear skin’s barriers against infection.

The cats may start scratching at their ears and shaking their heads repeatedly in discomfort, these are signs of ear infection. Sometimes, these infections can occur again and again in the ear.

Why choose Ear Care Gold for Cat Ear Infections over other herbal medicines.

There are no harsh chemicals, alcohol or any ingredient that can cause further irritation in the cat’s ear. The medicine balances the pH in the ear and makes it harder for fungal or yeast growth in their ears. Unlike other medicines. This does not just provide a short time comfort to the ears but build the immunity of the cats in such a way that the problems do not dare come back.

You will notice that there is redness around the ear during infection, this indicates ear infection.

Is it a certified medicine?

The medicine is certified the use of Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP. The medicines are organically grown and ethically harvested. There are no endangered plants used in it. All the batches of the medicine that come out of the laboratories are tested for purity so that you get only the best product for your cats. The manufacturing process is such that the whole spectra of biochemical properties of the herbs are preserved in the bottles. The laboratories used to manufacture the medicine are FDA registered and the guidelines used are of strict national quality. They also adhere to CVM’s good guidance for pet dietary support supplements. These guarantee the quality and there is also a 90 day money back guarantee which ensures a full money return in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Directions for use

The bottle of medicine has to be shaken well before use. They have to be used consistently for 7 to 10 days for best results or till the desired results are achieved. The medicine has to be used at room temperature or made slightly warmer by keeping them immersed slightly in warm water. The dropper can be used to gently drop the medicine into your cat’s ear. The outer layer of the cat’s ear has to be gently massaged and excess drops can be removed using a towel. The dropper should not touch any discharge from the ear as this can infect the medicine in the bottle.

For any cat, 3 to 4 drop would be sufficient per day.

What caution should be followed when taking Ear Care Gold for Cat Ear Infections?

This medicine is not for internal use. If there is an increase in redness around the ear even after using the medicine or due to the use of this medicine, consult with a vet immediately to know if you can continue using the medicine. This medicine does not need refrigeration and keep out of reach of children and animals.

Who manufactures Ear Care Gold for Cat Ear Infections?

Ear Care Gold is manufactured by PetWellbeing.com who has been manufacturing herbal medicines for the comfort and health of your pets since 2001. They have a team of holistic vets who use traditionally used herbs with new technology to create medicines that are of pure quality and easy to use.

They also advice the cleaning of your cats ears regularly and a good and clean environment for continual health of your cat’s ears and general health.