Drontal – Get Rid Of Worms In Cats

Drontal for Cats 50 Tablets

Drontal for Cats is a dewormer product that can get rid of the different types of worms formed in the cats, that is, roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms.

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  • Dipylidium caninum and Taenia taeniaeformis, which are tapeworms.
  • Ancylostoma tubaeforme, which are hookworms
  • Toxocara cati, which are large roundworms

The Drontal tablets for the cat’s works in a way that the tapeworms are digested and not found in the feces of the cat and the hookworms and large roundworms are treated and found in the feces of the cats.

Drontal for Cats – Ingredients

There are two active ingredients used for the Drontal tablets for cats formulation mix:

  • Praziquantel – The Drontal tablets contains 18.2mg of the praziquantel ingredient.
  • Pyrantel – There is a constituent of 72.6mg of Pyrantel in the Drontal tablets for cats and there is pamoate per tablet.

Drontal for Cats – Dosage and Administration

There are two ways in which the Drontal tablets can be given to the cats. It can either be put directly into the mouth of the cat or the contents of the tablet can be mixed with the food or treat fed to the cat. See to it that you do not withhold the food of the cat before or after the treatment.

The dosage levels will be mentioned in the product package and you can also consult with your doctor to ensure whether it is the right dosage level for your cat. The vet will diagnose the coat and will adjust the dosage levels according to the severity of the condition faced by the cat. The dosages vary depending on the sizes. As the weight of the cat increases, so do the dosage levels. This is because the requirement of cats with more weight is more. The rate is 1 tablet for every 4 to 8 lbs weight of the cat. For the lesser weight of the cats, you can half or quarter the tablets accordingly.

This procedure can be repeated if the worm burdens still continue to persist. You can know it if you do a follow up fecal test 2 to 4 weeks after the prescribed dosage levels are over.

Drontal for Cats – Side Effects or Drug Interactions

There are no side effects reported against the use of Drontal tablets for cats. But the overuse or overdosing of it has to lead to the following problems:

Drontal for Cats – Warnings

Kittens that have a weight of fewer than 1.5 lbs or have an age of less than 1 month should not be given the Drontal tablets.

The safety of given the Drontal tablets for cats that are pregnant is not determined. So consult your doctor and ask his permission before you give these tablets to pregnant cats or cats in the breeding or nursing phase.

Drontal for Cats – Storage levels

The Drontal tablets for cats should be stored in proper tight containers. This will ensure the tablets will remain safe for a long time. You can use it whenever the cats face the same problem in future.

The Drontal for Cats is available in two more variations:

  • Drontal for Cats 1 Tablet bottle
  • Drontal for Cats 50 Tablets 1 bottle
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