Who does not like some tasty treats? Cats are no different. Cats also love the little treats once a while. It can be given as a reward for their best behavior when a guest is home or when taken out for playtime. The Dream Treats are the healthy way to treat the cats that they would love to have and at the same time improve their health by adding a few amounts of daily nutrition requirement.

Dream Treats are not made of artificial ingredients but with pure raw meat that the cats would like. The meat selected is carefully processed to preserve its nutrient value and the processing also serves the same care. The careful processing is to avoid over heating which destroys the nutritive value of the contents.

Dream Treats For Cats

Features of Dream Treats

  • First of all Dream Treats is safe for all cats. It contains no starch so can be used for felines that has problem with it.
  • Dream Treats tastes good as the cats are naturally adapted to eat such raw meat.
  • Dream Treats serves as a full package of nutrients needed, added in various amounts. There are proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, essential minerals, vitamins, and other minor nutrients also. The motive behind Dream Treats is to provide the cats what they are to suppose to have and at the same time supply those with some much needed micro-nutrients that helps boost their overall health.
  • Dream Treats are safely packed in an easy to carry around package. It can be taken to the trainings, play areas and wherever needed. It is easy to eat by the cats and there is no mess and cleaning after.

Dream Treats Types

Dream Treats is available in different types, as chicken formula, quail formula, and rabbit. The main meat part added makes it different. The other ingredients included are taurine, useful herbs and plants for their nutritive value, mineral supplements, vitamins, fermented products for the pre and probiotics etc.

The highest protein content is available with the quail formula and the low fat is seen in rabbit and highest in the chicken formula.

Feeding Dream Treats

The feeding method is simple. Just open up the wrapper or cover of the Dream Treats pack and you get the treat disc. Break the disc into half or suitable sized pieces and give it to the cats. The cats need only half of a disc at a time.

The nutrient content in Dream Treats makes it a once a while meal replacement as well. In that case give a whole disc to the felines.

Why use Dream Treats?

The main reason to use Dream Treats is that it has raw meat. Cats do fall under the category of animals and they don’t eat their meals well cooked. They eat raw. It is us humans who have spoiled them and taken the liberty to restrict their eating habits to what we serve them.

Dream Treats makes a good come back for them. at the least it can make them feel more animal and tamed. If you doubt that of your kitty can adjust to this diet, you will be taking her for granted. Kitties would like to have some fresh uncooked meat. Here with Dream Treats the cats not only get a dream meat treat, but also get some additional nutrition which the normal raw meat cannot provide.

The currently available cat foods in the market are cooked, baked, heated and processed to never ending which makes the food nothing but an item that fills the kitty’s tumm than adding any nutrition. Dream Treats makes a difference there by providing the best possible raw meat that also has a good amount of benefits for the cat’s health.

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