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Dr. Elsey Cat Attract – Litter Box Addictive

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter

Many owners have the complaint that even after cleaning the cat litter box, every day, the cats refuse to eliminate themselves in those boxes. It is an upsetting scenario when the owners have to clean the entire house every single day just because they have a cat. The reason behind the cat’s refusal can be many things. Among the prominent one is no-reason at all. The kitties simply refuse to use the litter box, just like that.

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The Dr. Elsey Cat Attract – Litter Box Addictive formula is a cat attractant that attracts the cats to their litter box. It is like inviting the cats to the box and does the thing. No matter what the reason for their past behavior, they tend to come to the box for every single time they feel like defecating or urinating. The negative litter box association problem will be eliminated just by a few drops of the Dr. Elsey Cat Attract.

Benefits of Dr. Elsey Cat Attract – Litter Box Addictive

  • The Dr. Elsey Cat Attract is a liquid formula that can be mixed with the cat litter in their box. It emits an attractive volatile compound that will be acceptable for the cats. The scent of this liquid will bring the cat back to its box.
  • Dr. Elsey Cat Attract can be used during the training period of the little kittens.
  • Dr. Elsey Cat Attract comes in a bottle of 20 oz capacity. This amount will be enough for 100 bs of cat litter. A single bottle of it lasts for 3 months for a single cat.
  • The scent from the Dr. Elsey Cat Attract is pleasant and it can control the odor as well.

Dr. Elsey Cat Attract usage directions

The liquid formula Dr. Elsey Cat Attract is added into the dry cat litter. Use it only with the non-scented cat litter. For the fresh start, mix in ¼ teaspoon of Dr. Elsey Cat Attract into about 20-25 pounds of the litter. It is better used with medium sized litter particles than the powdery ones. Add in an additional 1/8th of Dr. Elsey Cat Attract whenever more litter is added into the box.

Cautions while using Dr. Elsey Cat Attract

The attractive scent from the Dr. Elsey Cat Attract is due to the unique mix. It is used only with the non-scented cat litter and should not be used with the paper litter, pine, cedar or perfumed litter or the cat litter containing baking soda. The unique formulation does not go well with other scents and when mixed may emit unpleasant smells that will repel the cats instead of attracting.

Additional Tips

Before starting with the Dr. Elsey Cat Attract, thoroughly clean the house and the litter box and eliminate any odors lingering around. Have a fresh start so that the cats can easily spot the new scent.

Keep the litter box at an easier accessible spot and make way with no obstacles. Also make sure that the box size is enough for the pet.

Scoop the litter every day and clean it at least once a week. A clean box can work better than a filthy one.

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