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DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on [Green Label] for Cats

Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo for Dogs Cats (6.8 fl oz)

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DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on [Green Label] is a product that can be replaced with shampoos to treat the localized lesions, otitis externa and other dermal conditions faced by the cat. The advantage of this is it requires very little and there are no much manipulations of the medication for the cat owner.

The DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on is mainly used for two purposes, that is, for treating the seborrheic conditions and topically managing it and also for treating and managing the long term generalized seborrheic conditions. The local seborrheic conditions are the conditions causes in the ears. The generalized seborrheic conditions can be treated in protocol with the DOUXO Seborrhea Shampoo. Some of the other functions this product provide is for restructuring the stratum corneum, for controlling the sebum production, for controlling the microbial flora and also for controlling any inflammation caused on the skin of the cat.

The DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on [Green Label] is also available in 25 2 ml Pipettes. This product contains 1 % of phytosphingosine.

DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on [Green Label] – Directions for Use

The directions of use are mentioned in the product package and should be followed exactly what is mentioned. You can cross-check these directions with your vet too to ensure the right methodology for the condition faced by your cat. This is suggested because the intensity of the condition for different cats varies.

  • First of all you have to open the pipette. You can do this by twisting the cap.
  • Next you have to separate the hair from the cat’s body and apply the DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on solution directly onto the skin of the cats.
  • Once the application is done, the product will be dispersed to a cornered area.
  • The solution can also be used in ears. But cleanse the ears thoroughly before the application.
  • Now you can close the pipette of the DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on by the turning the cap upside down and then resealing it.

If the cats have an inflammation on their skin or have a raw skin, see to it that you apply the medicine at least 2 to 3 inches away from the lesions.

DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on [Green Label] – Dosage Levels

The dosage levels and administration should be strictly followed as per the prescription. This is so to get the best and effective results. Cats face two types of conditions, that is the Localized Seborrheic condition and the Generalized Seborrheic condition.

The dosage levels for the Localized Seborrheic conditions are as follows:

  • For 3 to 4 weeks – 1 Pipette of the DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on should be applied on the lesion. This should be done once every 3 to 4 weeks.
  • For 2 to 3 weeks – In cases of excess ear wax production in cats you can apply half of the DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on pipettes on both the ears of the cat for every three days. Make sure you continue this for every 2 to 3 weeks. Before applying this solution, you can wash of the ear area with a Douxo Micellar Solution.

The dosage levels for the Generalized Seborrheic conditions are as follows:

  • For cats who weigh less than 20 kg or 40 lbs should be given 1 pipette of the DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on.
  • For cats who weigh between 20 to 45 kg and 40 to 90 lbs should be given 2 pipettes of the DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on.
  • For cats that have a weight more that 45 kg or 90 lbs should be given 2 pipettes of the DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on.
  • All these dosages should be given for once a week for the initial 3 to 4 weeks.

DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on [Green Label] – Precautions and Warnings

The DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on [Green Label] should be prescribed only from licensed doctors. It is available for purchase from licensed doctors as and this is strict as per the law. This is a hygiene product that is only for veterinary use.

  • Do not swallow contents of this medicine.
  • It should be completely kept away from human and even out of the reach of children.
  • Contact with the eyes should be avoided. In case it happens wash off with thoroughly with warm water.
  • If the cat is suffering from inflammation or have a raw skin, do not apply the DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on [Green Label] on them.
  • It should also not be applied if the cat is suffering from a ruptured ear drum.
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