Does a Cat know it’s going to die? This question might have come to every cat lovers when they have seen the unpredictable behaviors exhibited by their cats when they were about to die or when they were nearing the end of their life.

My experience comes from what I have seen with my neighbor’s cat, Jiggs. Jiggs is a very cute looking cat of my neighbor. He is a regular visitor to my house as he likes to play with my daughter. I was always amazed at how Jiggs and my daughter play with each other. It’s as if Jiggs is another human being. Jiggs was a very intelligent and understanding cat that I was always happy to see him come home to spend time with my daughter.

The friendship between Jiggs and my daughter was so strong that she is the first person to notice the changes in Jiggs behavior. Now I have always felt to keep Jiggs with me but somehow Jiggs comes home only during the evening hours when my daughter come home after her school and when the sun goes down he will go back to his home.

It may be six to seven years after Jiggs came to our neighbor’s home that this had happened. My neighbor told me that Jiggs behaved very differently to him. It was as if he had seizures. Now when he told me so, I remembered what my daughter had been telling me for some days. Jiggs had almost stopped eating though tempted with his favorite food. He stopped drinking water. His appearance had changed from a groomed cat to an unkempt one. His eyes had changed. These are the changes which my daughter had noticed. Now he had also started coming very occasionally. All these behavior of Jiggs was interpreted as his old age issues. But when my neighbor told about his seizure, I started doubting about Jiggs limited days with us.

My neighbor took Jiggs to a vet to check whether he is suffering from some illness or his days are numbered. The vet confirmed about Jiggs final days with us and opted to give a shot to give Jiggs a peaceful death. My neighbor said that he will let the vet know later about the shot and came back home. The vet had specified some good cat foods to keep Jiggs in good state of health for few more days.

Death is inevitable but how to provide a very peaceful death to our loved ones is what we should think. As in the case on Jiggs, my neighbor did all he could do to give Jiggs a wonderful goodbye.

These are the steps my neighbor followed to give Jiggs a peaceful death.

  • Jiggs was provided with a warm bed very near to his cot and cleaned it very regularly.
  • Jiggs was offered his favorite food stuffs and even tried various other food stuffs like tuna or gourmet cans of cat foods.
  • Jiggs was allowed to sleep where he felt like.
  • He strictly monitored Jiggs outside visits and made sure that he reaches back.
  • Finally when he started feeling that Jiggs needed a quick, painless exit from life, he took him to the vet for the shot.

The natural ways adopted made Jiggs stay with us for some more days. Jiggs was a friendly, intelligent, loving and caring cat and I think no one can replace him again.