Digestive disorders in cats are very common. It affects the stomach and intestines causing pain for the cats. It affects the whole digestion and fewer nutrients are not absorbed well enough for the immune system to work. Some cats suffer a long term digestion problems while others have them for a short time. Whatever the duration is, it should be treated fast enough. Otherwise it may turn into acute or chronic disorders.

If your kitty shows symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, appetite change, sudden weight loss, constipation, presence of blood in either mucus or feces, then it will be suffering from some kind of digestive disorder. Since the digestive disorder can directly affect the nutrient absorption the cat may soon suffer from immune problems.

Cat Digestive Support

The Digestive Support from PetAlive is herbal supplement that can make healthier digestive and gastrointestinal systems in the cats. It maintains the normal digestive functions and protects the mucus membrane of the digestive system. The betterment of the digestive system enhances the energy production. It also ensures that the necessary nutrients from the food are absorbed into the feline body.

Digestive Support Ingredients

Digestive Support is a complete herbal preparation. All the herbs in this formula have been used for digestive diseases.

  • Licorice is a digestive tonic to improve functioning of intestines and other related organs of the digestive tract. The lining of the system is well protected and can prevent and treat ulcers and other inflammations. It can also boost the immune system to support in the fight against diseases and pathogen attacks. Licorice is also able to relax the bowels and aid in avoiding both diarrhea and constipation in cats.
  • Slippery elm bark is another digestion aid for cats. The mineral content is soothing to the mucilage. Iodine, manganese, and protein are also present in this bark. It is widely used in other medical streams for holistic treatments in the digestive system. it is one of the common home remedies used on pets.
  • Marshmallow is a remedy for digestive disorders. It contains mucilage which is soothing to the inflamed digestive tract membrane. It can also promote the mucus lining development.

Using Digestive Support

Digestive Support comes in capsule form. The capsules are easily digestible but the cats may not take it without trouble. The pet owners may open up the capsules and mix half the content from a single one into the cat’s food, solid or liquid. Give the first half in the morning and the other half in the evening.

The benefits of Digestive Support

Digestive Support is a herbal formula that attends not just to the digestive wellness but also for the betterment of other associated functions inside the body. The benefits of Digestive Support are in the regular consumption of the medicine. The cats respond to this medicine is different ways. Some are quick to act while others are not that prompt and take their time to show any improvement. The lack of any side effects makes it both convenient and safer to have a try than relying on the chemical drugs that will provide only temporary relief.

Enhance the benefits of Digestive Support by giving the cat some raw food and less of the processed milk and other cat foods. These items will only help to worsen the already upset digestive system. Once you have the cat’s digestive system back on track, Digestive Support may be continued at a smaller dose as a maintenance course for a long time to come.