Diabetes In Cats

Dia-ionx – Diabetes Symptom Relief

Is your pet showing certain signs and symptoms like fatigue, irritability, frequent urination, excessive thirst, imbalanced metabolism and slow healing? If so, it’s time to take a medication for diabetes for your pets.

Dia-ionx- a diabetes symptom relief

Dia-ionx is a completely safe homeopathic product that can be used for pets of all ages. This can also be used as an added relief alongside prescription diabetes medication. This is a liquid formula that is very easy for the consumption for all ages of pets. This product will help to get relief from diabetes symptoms. This will help in gaining a sugar balance that is healthy for the pet. This product will not cause any kind of side effects – fatigue, blood sugar imbalance or vomiting. This product is a proprietary liquid that utilizes a multi directional process that will relieve the various symptoms of diabetes that your pet is struggling with.

The users of dia-ionx have provided a great relief without causing any negative or harmful effects.


As a pet owner you should continuously monitor the pet if you come across any unusual symptoms or signs. The most common symptoms that dog or cat shows if suffering from diabetes are- dry mouth, excitability, increased thirst or appetite, increased urination, fatigue, swellings, indigestion or constipation.


The ingredients that are used in dia-ionx are selected based in the medications that are used traditionally in homeopathic medicine for treating diabetes. This product is intended for temporary relief from the symptoms of diabetes. Along with dia-ionx, the pet should also follow a well balanced diet, a good life style and a better environment so as to treat diabetes completely.

The homeopathic ingredients that are used in dia-ionx – a diabetic relief are:-

Aceticum acidum HPUS, Arsenicum album HPUS, Bryonia HPUS, Calcarea carbonica HPUS, Iris versicolor HPUS, Kali phosphoricum HPUS, Lacticum acidum HPUS, Lycopodium clavatum HPUS, Natrum phosphoricum HPUS, Phosphoricum acidum HPUS, Phosphorus HPUS, Plumbum metallicum HPUS, Uranium nitricum HPUS

The inactive ingredients include potassium sorbate, citric acid and purified ionized water.

The formula created using these ingredients will help in treating the diabetes based on the intrinsic body response which will assist in natural symptom relief.


Squirt the homeopathic liquid in to the pet’s mouth using a plastic dropper. Squirt it such a way that it does not touch any part of the pet’s mouth. If touched, wash the dropper thoroughly using water.

If you feel that dispensing the liquid of dia-ionx is not convenient, you can directly pour it in the non metallic bowl and give it to them. You can also choose mixing it with their favorite food in a way that your pet will like it the best.

STORAGE OF DIA-IONX: After opening the product store it in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure of dia-ionx in direct sunlight for a longer period of time. After opening it should be used within 60 days.

WHAT WILL MY ORDER FOR DIA-IONX CONTAIN? When you place an order for dia-ionx through the official website, it will include 4oz (118ml) of bottle of dia-ionx.

HOW LONG WILL ONE BOTTLE LAST? One bottle will last for about one month for normal sized dogs.

DOES DIA-IONX CONTAIN ANY GUARENTEE? If you are not satisfied with the results of usage of dia-ionx , you can utilize the 60 days of guarantee.

WHAT ALL OPTIONS OR OFFERS ARE AVAILABLE WITH DIA-IONX? A number of offers are available when you bur DIA-IONX. Discounts are offered when you purchase 2 bottles of dia-ionx and the value option that is available is when you get 3 bottles you can get a bottle of dia-ionx absolutely free of cost. You can opt this offer of dia-ionx if you have large pets or multiple pets who are suffering from diabetes. The other offer available in this condition is 32oz XL option.


Dia-ionx is not intended to be used as a substitute for any medications that has been prescribed by your veterinarian for diabetes.

It would be always better to have a concern of a veterinarian before introducing any medication to your pets for any diseases or conditions.

Keep in a safe place away from reach of your children.

Make sure that the product is not expiry dated.

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